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Cornell Republican Student Assaulted By Liberals Speaks Out

Cornell Republican Student Assaulted By Liberals Speaks Out

“it pushed me further to the right”

The head of the Cornell College Republicans was assaulted right after the election and now she’s talking about the incident.

The College Fix reports:

Cornell student assaulted for being Republican speaks out: Attack ‘pushed me further to the right’

Olivia Corn, president of Cornell University’s College Republicans, can vividly recall the night she was physically assaulted on campus for being a Republican.

The assailant emerged seemingly out of nowhere, catching Corn off guard as she read an email on her phone. “Fuck you, racist bitch, you support a racist party,” the attacker grunted at Corn, shoving her to the ground from behind, she says.

The assault occurred the night after Donald Trump was elected president.

Now, a month later, Corn has had time to reflect on the assault and its impact on her. Rather than allowing it to knock her down, “it pushed me further to the right,” Corn, a sophomore, said in an interview with The College Fix.

The biggest irony, she said, is she supported Marco Rubio, and was never a huge fan of Trump.

“I have always considered myself to be very tolerant and listen to everyone’s point of view,” Corn said. “So when I was shoved down, especially considering that I am not Donald Trump’s biggest fan and I tried my best to help Marco Rubio become the Republican nominee, by someone who was angry by my politics, I was saddened that I was not afforded the same respect that I offer others.”


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Liberal logic:

Assaulting people – virtue.
Voting for the “wrong” person – well, that’s just plain evil.