Not all college students are into the idea of sanctuary campuses. Some students at the University of Nevada Las Vegas are even petitioning against it.

Campus Reform reports:

UNLV conservatives petition AGAINST sanctuary campus

While their peers are petitioning for campuses to be declared safe spaces for illegal immigrants, some UNLV students are taking the opposite approach.

The University of Nevada Las Vegas Campus Conservatives group has created an online petition urging the school’s president to reject demands that he declare UNLV a “sanctuary campus, Heat Street reports.

According the The Las Vegas Review-Journal, thirty UNLV students and faculty had previously presented a petition with nearly 1,000 signatures to the President’s Office last week making the sanctuary campus demands.

Now, conservative students have sponsored a counter-petition demanding that President Len Jessup say “no” to the request asking the school to become a sanctuary campus, arguing that a University has no place deciding which federal laws they should abide by.

“We oppose becoming a sanctuary campus because we don’t think a university—especially a federally funded university—should be deciding what federal laws they follow,” Campus Conservatives co-founder Jordan Escoto told Heat Street.

Escoto is a legal U.S. citizen of Hispanic descent, and says he wants to help students understand the detriments that a sanctuary campus designation would entail for the university.