This stuff is getting pretty tiresome. The guy hasn’t even been sworn in yet and the left is acting like they’re living under tyranny.

The College Fix reported:

Columbia U. students, faculty form group ‘Columbia Against Trump’

This past Thursday, a whole 45 students showed up for the inaugural meeting of Columbia’s newest organization, Columbia Against Trump — a group which will seek “to take action against the Trump presidency.”

The Columbia Spectator reports the group “is a combined effort of various student activist groups on campus, such as Columbia Divest for Climate Justice, and Graduate Workers of Columbia.”

At the meeting, representatives from these groups spoke about “values they felt were in jeopardy” such as “hate crimes, workers’ rights, climate change, and protection of undocumented students.”

Student Ruby Kinney was pumped about the new club: “I’m out here today because I feel very strongly about the election and equally as strongly about the power that the student and faculty body, and Columbia as an island, has,” she said.

But … what can the group actually do? Well, its members touted “pressuring the administrators to take on a bigger role by mobilizing students and faculty” as a “major solution.”