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Colorado State Hires ‘Racial Battle Fatigue’ Counselor

Colorado State Hires ‘Racial Battle Fatigue’ Counselor

“recommendations called for the school to dedicate more resources”

Why would college students need such a person on campus? Could it be because higher education is obsessed with race and racial strife?

The Daily Caller reported:

Colorado State Hires Counselor To Treat ‘Racial Battle Fatigue’

Colorado State University (CSU) has hired a counselor to assist students suffering from “racial battle fatigue,” the school announced Monday.

The hire was made last summer, but publicized Monday when the school published an update on its response to a series of student recommendations regarding diversity. The list of recommendations, which resemble a set of demands, were issued in November 2015 when student activists marched in solidarity with Concerned Student 1950, a black protest group at the University of Missouri. Since receiving the list, CSU says the requests have served as a “touchstone” for its actions over the past year.

One of the recommendations called for the school to dedicate more resources to treating “mental health issues specifically dealing with racial oppression and racial battle fatigue.”

In its Monday announcement, CSU gleefully announced it had met this request.


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Very soon the daily news will put The Onion out of business because they will be unable to think of something stranger than reality.

They are consumed by hate of white people, triggered every time they see one? This is learned behavior. Nip it in the bud, by identifying the teachers of hate.

The Friendly Grizzly | December 23, 2016 at 6:32 pm

Racial Battle Fatigue Counselor. If this isn’t a make-work job for some quote-hire, I don’t know what is.