If you treat college students like children, they will act like children. Maybe it’s intentional.

The College Fix reports:

College tries to halt distribution of student newspaper because one headline ‘may be upsetting’

The student newspaper at Monroe Community College in upstate New York was set to run a story about health and safety hazards at its sister campus last week.

Then an administration official stepped in and tried to delay distribution of the print edition. The rationale given? The headline on the story “may be upsetting to some.”

The Democrat & Chronicle reports that the executive dean of the sister campus, Joel Frater, was bothered by the story headline “MCC’s Bastard Campus?” He emailed students and colleagues to offer his administration’s help to anyone who has “concerns about the newspaper’s coverage of the issue.”

The story was about renovations to the Sibley Building, the temporary space for the Damon City campus in Rochester, until it moves to a new complex of buildings next fall:

The article cites a memo from the MCC Faculty Association about health and safety conditions at DCC and provides additional information about the problems related to this renovation. …