Nice little company you got there. Wouldn’t want to see nuthin’ happen to it . . . CNN’s Alisyn Camerota suggested this morning that Donald Trump used a “threat” against United Technologies to get its Carrier subsidiary to agree to keep manufacturing jobs in Indiana.

Even the Indianapolis Star reporter who had criticized the deal as being “an extremely expensive campaign promise” took issue with Camerota’s suggestion of a “threat.” CNN: the network that would depict President-elect Trump as using mob-boss tactics.

In keeping the jobs in Indiana, was United Technologies taking into account its broader relationship with the Trump administration? No doubt. But Camerota’s suggestion of a “threat” took things to an ugly level foreshadowing the kind of coverage President Trump can expect from CNN.

 JAMES BRIGGS: One thing you have to remember when thinking about this deal is Carrier estimated that it was going to save $65 million per year by moving to Mexico. So, $7 million over ten years from the State of Indiana wasn’t necessarily a decisive factor in keeping that factory here in Indianapolis.

ALISYN CAMEROTA: So something was a decisive factor, meaning possibly whatever threat they used: the federal government may be drying up some help for United Technologies.

BRIGGS: I wouldn’t use the word threat. But, certainly, sources have told us that United Technologies, the parent company of Carrier, values its relationship with the federal government. It’s a big federal contractor, it has a lot of exports and it also is concerned about regulatory policy and tax policy and it wanted a say in the Trump administration on those issues.