Add CNBC’s John Harwood to the long and growing list of liberal media types who still have no idea why Trump won and the Democrats lost.

You may recall John Harwood as a member of the worst team of debate moderators ever. You may also know that Harwood was exposed by Wikileaks for sucking up the Democrats during the election.

Now he’s floating a new theory about why his party lost.

Mediaite reports:

CNBC’s John Harwood: ‘White Fear’ Partly Responsible for Democratic Losses Under Obama

CNBC host John Harwood argued on Twitter Tuesday that the Democratic Party suffered electoral losses under Barack Obama‘s leadership in part because of “white fear” in the age of the first black president.

Harwood took exception to the arguments from some that Obama was responsible for the Democratic losses under his tenure, including both houses of Congress, a dozen governorships, and over 900 state legislators. Harwood argued that outside forces were to blame, including the race factor.

As you can probably imagine, lots of people aren’t buying what Harwood is selling.

Twitchy collected some reactions:

Liberals in media don’t seem to realize that their narrative has been exposed.

They’re sticking to it because they have nothing else.

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