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Branco Cartoon – How do you say ‘Merry Christmas’ in Russian?


I suppose if Putin thought Hillary were a miserable old hag, he might have sicked his hackers on her. I would have, if I had an army of hackers.

Fossil fuel – in a stocking.
Carbon footprint?

Maybe it is not coal , but waste Uraninite from all the uranium she gave them .

Someone I know pointed out that it may have been a gift from West Virginia coal miners.

OMGosh! You created another classic Branco. Well done! May the LORD bless and keep you.

Hillary, over her lifetime, created the mess she’s in. Blaming Putin won’t let her off the hook with all the people who bought favors from her. Favors she can no longer deliver…

Great now they are gonna be saying their stockings were hacked!

Great Job as always, Mr. Branco

You rock, Mr. Branco!