Kemberlee has already warned of the whipped cream shortage this year, and it appears that eggnog is also on the yummy endangered list.

Fortune reports:

If you’re craving some eggnog on Christmas, you may be out of luck: The U.S. is facing a major shortage of the holiday drink this year.

Record eggnog sales are leading to major shortages, the Wall Street Journal reports, because producers underestimated seasonal demand for the drink.

Organic Valley is “having a record-setting eggnog season,” Eric Snowdeal, a brand manager for the company, first told the Journal. Its eggnog sales up 60% over the last year, compared with 5% increases in recent years. Another eggnog producer, Ronnybrook Farm Dairy of Pine Plains, N.Y., underestimated demand by 25%—leading the company to expect a shortage of drink this year.

Eggnog is a creamy, yellowish drink made from milk, cream, spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, and of course eggs. The eggs are usually used for texture and froth, but are heat-pasteurized for safety, according to the Journal. It was popularized by 18th century American colonists, and is often combined with brandy, bourbon, or rum.

“Spiked” eggnog is the yummiest, and here’s a video on how to make it at home (just skip the “add the bourbon” step if you like yours without).