Mega gazillionaire, tech innovator, and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates sat down for lengthy interview with CNBC Tuesday.

The majority of the interview focused on Gates’ latest clean energy initiatives — all privately funded through his private investment fund, stocked with fellow gazillionaire innovators.

“I think this administration likes a good deal,” said Gates, who explained he and others would feel comfortable approaching the new administration on a variety of issues like energy policy and general regulatory issues.

Gates had never met Trump despite their numerous mutual friends, but spoke with him on the phone recently. Gates described Trump as “sophisticated” and someone who has a good understanding of the business climate.

Trump was not elected because of specific policy stances, but because of his attitude towards fixing problems, Gates believes. “A lot of his message has been about…where he sees things not as good as he’d like.

Gates even went so far as to compare Trump to JFK:

“But in the same way President Kennedy talked about the space mission and got the country behind that,” Gates continued, “I think whether it’s education or stopping epidemics … [or] in this energy space, there can be a very upbeat message that [Trump’s] administration [is] going to organize things, get rid of regulatory barriers, and have American leadership through innovation.”

The market has certainly responded well to Trump’s soon-to-be official election, as have most industry-minded types.

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