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Bard College President Blames Racism For Election Outcome

Bard College President Blames Racism For Election Outcome

This hand has been overplayed.

The election has really shown how unimaginative the left is. They have nothing but the race card to explain the election. It’s so shallow, not to mention wrong.

The Blaze reports:

College president blames election outcome on ‘racism’ against Obama

In a newly published piece for Time, a New York college president makes the case for why “racism” against President Barack Obama is to blame for the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

Leon Botstein, president of Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, noted in an op-ed posted Tuesday the “unwillingness and failure” of migrants and refugees “to adapt to Europe and assimilate”:

The controversies over burkas, head scarves and mosques suggest a widespread anxiety that the new populations, and therefore potential citizens of the future, will undermine and change cherished definitions of European national identities based on shared religion, shared language and, since the 20th century, a commitment to secular traditions.

Botstein then compared what is happening in Europe with the sentiments of many Americans. “White America has prided itself as a nation based on acquired citizenship, freedom of religion and the rule of law, and formed by immigration,” Botstein wrote, adding that from the inception of the country, Americans were distinguishable by race and color — not religion or nationality.


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If “racism” = rejection of failed foreign policies, then Hillary was defeated by racism.

If “racism” = rejection of failed economic policies, then Hillary was defeated by racism.

If “racism” = rejection of a (white) candidate because of her continuous lies, corruption, constant promises to eviscerate sections of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and obvious major health issues, then Hillary was defeated by racism.

If, on the other hand, “racism” means discrimination and prejudice towards people based on their ethnicity, as we always believed it did, then Hillary was defeated by rational voters making what they believed to be the only choice to save their country.

[By the way, why can’t these people understand that Obama and Trump are of the same “race” (human) and what they call “race” is really ethnicity, as evinced by a person’s level of melanin?]

Isn’t it also racist to not vote for the orange guy?

Topeka.Stewart | December 31, 2016 at 6:55 am

Since the prevailing racism these days is directed towards “white men” I call B.S.