I appeared on the Mark Levin radio show on Wednesday night, December 14, 2016, to talk about my post, VIDEO: Activists manipulate third-graders into hating Israel.

Video of the event is at the link above, which also has extensive background. The short version is that Ariel Gold from Code Pink and Jewish Voice for Peace arranged for Bassem Tamimi to appear before the third grade classes at an elementary school in Ithaca, NY. Tamimi is best known for using children, including his own, to confront Israeli soldiers in the hope of creating viral photos and videos. Tamimi urged the children to become activists and “freedom fighters for Palestine.”

The event turned into a total anti-Israel propaganda event, and caused the 8-9 year old students to react very negatively towards Israel, with some suggesting ways to attack and retaliate against Israel. One student was so affected that his parent complained to the school afterwards that the child was having nightmares.

I’m always appreciative when Mark has me on the show to talk about the anti-Israel movement, but particularly this time given how outrageous the Tamimi Event and cover-up were.

I made the point, as I have before, that it’s not just about Israel, Israel is the canary in the coal mine. It’s about how the education system is being systematically undermined by anti-American, anti-capitalist leftists and Islamists who also hate Israel. It’s a single fight, Israel just happens to be the easy object of their hate.

“The whole point of this, and you’ve been kind enough to have me on before to talk about these anti-Israel people, it’s not just about Israel, this is taking place in a public third grade class. There were other teachers there, there were staff there, nobody said a word about it, and they tried to cover it up. This is really a microcosm of what’s happening to our educational system. We are allowing these activists not just into college, everybody knows about college it gets tons of press, but into high schools and elementary schools, and you rarely get video of it, because most people can’t just walk into an elementary school and just start shooting video….”


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