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A.F. Branco New Year’s Weekend Cartoon Marathon

A.F. Branco New Year’s Weekend Cartoon Marathon

Can you handle this much truth in one feeding?

The first A.F. Branco cartoon we posted, at our request with his permission, was on July 25, 2012. That cartoon, based on Obama’s “you didn’t build it” comment, is still one of my favorites of all time.

Tony started posting his cartoons here on a regular basis not long after that. His first post as an author at Legal Insurrection was on August 2, 2012.

We’re going to have to throw him a party on his 5th Anniversary next summer, perhaps jointly with Aleister who also has been with us for 5 years next summer (originally to start up College Insurrection in August 2012).

Along the way, Tony’s had a child, Amelia Rose Branco, and a book, Buy A.F. Branco’s book “Comically Incorrect,” or else.

His cartoon in the summer of 2014 during the Gaza war about John Kerry overseeing a “negotiation” between Hamas and Bibi Netanyahu achieved worldwide coverage; when I was in Israel in 2015 people mentioned the cartoon to me, not realizing it ran at Legal Insurrection.

Each year Tony also has created a video which flips through his cartoons for the year. It’s a great way, in about 3 minutes, to see a year’s worth of his cartoons. One thing you realize watching the videos is how innovative and talented Tony is.

Later this weekend we are going to be running a Reader Poll, as we did last year, as to Tony’s Best Cartoon of the Year (based on 10 cartoons I will select).

In anticipation of the Reader Poll, here is the 2016 video:

But wait, there’s more.

I have gathered up videos from prior years so you can spend the weekend watching A.F. Branco cartoons. Can you handle this much truth in one feeding?

We don’t even charge separate shipping and handling, that’s how good we are.


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Branco is a treasure

I intend to space out watching these so I can savor them all.
What a brilliant idea Prof
Thanks for this New Year’s gift.

Antonio’s genius for capturing in an image and a caption the mood of an entire nation, of any generation is unparallelled. He’s plugged in, tuned in, and somehow able to communicate the deepest truths to those of us who may have felt them but couldn’t articulate them.

He’s a freaking genius. Full stop.

Ty.. Loved the slide show,, I did have to set the speed to .5, these images need a second or two extra to savor.