The student who wrote this article wishes to remain anonymous. Based on what we’ve seen out of Hampshire College lately, that should surprise no one.

From the Daily Wire:

A Conservative Student’s Thoughts On The Flag Burning at Hampshire College

There has been a lack of coverage regarding Hampshire College students who oppose the desecration and removal of the flag.

Allow me to the introduce myself: I am a Hampshire College student. I wish to remain anonymous, as have my peers who burned the flag.

Due to recent events at Hampshire College and the subsequent press coverage, I believe it is vital to speak out against the attacks that happened. I wish to remain anonymous because there is a bully culture at Hampshire College. Fit the liberal narrative or face condemnation and excommunication from your peers. I have taken a long time weighing the benefits of practicing my own right to the 1st amendment against paying the price of dissent from my peers, which is frightening.

It is interesting how President Lash seems adamant in protecting the right to mourn and protest, but there appears to be a looming culture of a singular mindset on campus. A student is more than welcome to burn the symbol of liberty, but if a student feels upset at the disrespect of a symbol they see as sacred they must sit in the shadows or face a barrage of ad-hominem attacks. It seems that bigotry and intolerance of opposite opinions is actually exhibited by those who spew that accusation the most often.

President Lash, I implore you to understand the meaning of lowering the American flag to half-staff. The lowering of the American flag to half-staff has been reserved for times of remembrance of great American loss and sacrifice. Hampshire College first lowered the flag to half-staff not in solidarity for a lost American hero or an attack on our homeland but rather because a free election didn’t pan out in the favor of the Democratic party.