Yale Student Patrick Sullivan has apparently accepted the fact that he’s a horrible human being because he’s white and male.

He writes in the Yale Daily News:

SULLIVAN: Dear white boy…

In a sense, I am unsure about writing this column. I’m just another white boy putting my voice in a space dominated by white boys. And as we will see later, my premise is that white boys should be listening more and speaking less.

I am writing this piece because I want to accept the challenge that has been laid down by our community: To think about the ways masculinity, straightness, whiteness and histories of privilege allow our voices to be heard at the expense of silencing others. To be clear, I am not offering definitive answers nor a full solution. But I do want us white boys to think about the ways we can actively combat those histories in our everyday lives. To the white boys who are unwilling or unable to accept this challenge, let’s have a chat about empathy and listening:

Where do we start? A first step is to think about empathy and active listening in every part of our lives. To me, empathy is opening your heart to someone and welcoming them with a hug. Opening your heart does not mean speaking about your sadness and pain. There is a time and a place for that, but this is not it.

Also, that hug doesn’t always mean literally hugging someone else. Be careful with your body because it can be imposing and a lot of people don’t want to be near it. Now that I’m on the subject of bodies, make yourself small when you enter a room. Like really small. Cross your legs, or at least put them together a little more.