What is it with Democrats and email related scandals? It’s quickly becoming a stereotype.

Campus Reform reports:

Prof exploits school email list to recruit for Hillary, Dems

A professor at Wabash College used a campus-wide email listserv to exclusively promote Clinton’s presidential bid and solicit student volunteers to participate in campaign activities.

In an email obtained by Campus Reform, with a subject line of “Democratic Campaign Opportunity,” Professor Derek Mong invites the entire student body to join the “Wabash College Democrats and the Indiana Democratic party” for “a Get Out The Vote effort for this fall’s presidential election.”

He then notes that in order to “insure [sic] a large turnout for our candidates,” the party will be providing “rides up to Lafayette (Clinton’s campaign office) on Sunday November 6th and Tuesday November 8th” where any willing volunteers will help with phone banking and canvassing.

The email next explicitly lists precisely who “our candidates” are, naming Hillary Clinton as well as the Democratic candidate for Governor of Indiana, John Gregg, and two other Democrats running for Senate.

An anonymous source affiliated with the school pointed out that the email was sent using what is called the “everyone_list,” which he explained goes to everyone at the school, potentially constituting use of university resources to promote a political candidate.


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