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VIDEO: Chuck Schumer learns that on Nuclear Option, what goes around comes around

VIDEO: Chuck Schumer learns that on Nuclear Option, what goes around comes around

Once you’ve gone Nuclear, you can’t go back.

As discussed many times recently, Democrats have a yuge problem stopping Trump from naming just about anyone he wants to the Supreme Court, Will Republicans press SCOTUS Nuclear Option button?

In 2013, Democrats pulled the Nuclear Option, eliminating filibusters on all judicial nominees short of the Supreme Court. That was an imaginary line in the sand Democrats thought they could rely on to defend themselves in the future as to Republican nominees to the Supreme Court. Though Republican’s sometimes threatened to go nuclear, only Harry Reid and the Democrats did it.

Republicans warned Democrats that they would come to regret it, maybe sooner than Democrats expected:

As election day approached this year, and Democrats expected Hillary to win the presidency and Democrats to retake the Senate by a vote or two, Democrats Harry Reid and Tim Kaine promised that the Nuclear Option would be used to get Hillary’s picks on the Supreme Court.

But it didn’t work out as expected, and now Republicans are hinting that the Nuclear Option will be used to fill the Scalia seat and any other seats that become vacant in the coming four years.

I’m not confident that Republicans in the Senate will push the Nuclear Option button, but maybe they’ll surprise us.

Chuck Schumer was just confronted by Chris Wallace on the Democrats Nuclear Option history. Schumer was in an obviously awkward position. He kept coming back to the fact that Democrats didn’t do it on the Supreme Court — but that’s an arbitrary line drawn by Democrats at a time when there were no Supreme Court openings.

The discussion of the Supreme Court starts here. Here is the portion specifically about the Nuclear Option:


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Keep in mind that fillibustering a SCOTUS nominee in itself is unprecedented. If the Dims cross that line I would be ready to respond in kind.

    Lego Insurrection in reply to Same Same. | November 20, 2016 at 12:59 pm

    Not unprecedented, similar scenarios played out back in the 1800s. One SCOTUS vacancy went for about 2 years before it was filled.

Surely the Dems won’t be so partisan as to be hypocrites will they?? (sarcasm)

“Stupid is as stupid does.”
—Forest Gump’s Mama

Too bad Robert Bork is dead. It would be fun to ram his nomination right up Hairy Reed and Chuck Schemer’s asses.

    Evan3457 in reply to Paul. | November 20, 2016 at 12:30 pm

    Zombies are big now, so nominate and confirm Zombie Bork. Then confirm the most conservative nominee on the list to replace him.

    OK, maybe it’s not as funny as I first thought.

I’m so angry at the Dhimmicrats right now that I want the GOP to ram every single piece of legislation and every Trump Cabinet appointee right down their gullets. See how they like a taste of their own medicine. It’s time for the GOP to stop playing nice. Obama did not “reach across the aisle” a single time during the past 8 years, but the GOP kept on capitulating without putting up a fight. Enough is enough! Trump is a fighter, an alpha who knows what he wants and does what he has to do to get it. That’s exactly what the spineless GOP leadership needs.

“Nuke ’em from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”

What a worthless piece of crap! Cheering on Chairman O and his “phone and pen” executive orders of questionable legality was enough. Schumer is truly the wart on society’s ass! Nuke if you must.

I would rather focus on Pelosi and my own particular ethnic group of which I’d like to kick the living s**t out of.

I guess all I can say say is God bless America where my greasy olive-picking distant relatives are now free to make total @$$es of themselves.

GOP senators are for the most part eunuchs. All talk, opposite action. Cruz’s insistence on fighting Ocare in 2013 helped the GOP look like men. Too bad their eunuch selves re-emerged in the end.

The GOP senators won’t push the nuke button. Of course, because what goes around comes around, I worry about pushing it. But there are plenty of other ways to get something done, if they really want it done.

I just don’t believe they even want to want to fight. That’s not a typo. Read it again. I think they like their rocking chairs.

    The GOP senators won’t push the nuke button. Of course, because what goes around comes around, I worry about pushing it.

    Don’t. It’s a simple Senate rule change, subject to a simple majority (50%+1) vote; it can always come back. Just get your Senator to follow my plan:
    – Nuke the filibuster. Entirely.
    – Repeal Obamacare. Don’t replace it, except maybe to bring back Medicare/Medicaid, within budgetary limits; let the free market fill the void. Allow interstate insurance plans. Maybe pass some reasonable regulations, but nothing onerous.
    – Fill SCOTUS seat(s) with Originalist conservatives.
    – Pass balanced budget bills. No pork-filled omnibus bills. Line-item bills, adding up to zero (or negative) deficit and lower taxes (it is possible). Pay off some of the damned principal on the national debt.
    – Sometime in the future (say, October 2018), vote to change the Senate rules again and bring back the filibuster, only make it require a full 2/3 vote to invoke cloture, and write the rule so that future changes to the filibuster rule are themselves subject to filibuster (even if no other rule changes are).

    What do you think?

    But there are plenty of other ways to get something done, if they really want it done.

    True, but if history is any guide, the Republican establishment doesn’t seem to want to get anything done. They are satisfied with the Dem-run status quo. That’s been half the problem.

      Gremlin1974 in reply to Archer. | November 22, 2016 at 1:34 am

      “Allow interstate insurance plans.”

      This is the number one thing that should have been done before anything else was tried.

The Republicans weren’t voted in so they could do some posturing.

They were voted in to win. To beat the filthy Democrats and their filthy agenda in all ways, on all fronts.

Though thoroughly filthy, the Dems are perhaps not quite untrainable. Hit them as hard as you can, and maybe you won’t have to do it again for a while. But untrainable or not, there’s no excuse for not hammering them.

The Republicans should be fighting for motherhood, apple pie, and the dream that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. And to wipe that disgusting smirk off Schumer’s mug.

And above all …


Sorry, what was the question? Oh right …

Nuke ’em.

Go full Curtis LeMay. Nuke ’em, nuke em’ again, and again, until you run out of nukes. In this situation, there’s no point in keeping any in reserve.

“Go full Curtis LeMay.”

You don’t need to go full Curtiss LeMay.

Who I admire.

You could go Ray Spruance or Chester Nimitz.


Halsey has had a ship or two named after him. But Spruance and Nimitz have had whole classes of ships named after them.

And good on Halsey! We couldn’t have won WWII without him.

While Halsey earned his fourth star, it was Spruance who deserved that fifth star. And Spruance was such a good man, you know what he did? He didn’t say a word other than congratulate him.

I am always for the nuclear option. Regardless of who has the Senate majority, regardless of who is in the White House. The Legislative branch operates by majority rule: House or Senate. Anything else, e.g. the filibuster rule of sixty votes, renders the Senate largely inoperable for long periods of time. And by extension it renders the Legislative branch inoperable for long periods of time. It has the effect of giving more power to the other branches of Government since the Legislature cannot operate in many cases. (Yes, it has the effect of gumming up the Executive at times, e.g. keeping the President from making an appointment, but this is only temporary.) It also has the effect of giving more power to the media since all you can do when the Legislative branch is inoperable is talk, or argue, or talk about the terrible “gridlock in Washington”.

So yes, the nuclear option. Now and forever.

I’m just going to leave this, here.

Look for McCain to be rounding up what’s left of his old “Gang” to throw a monkey wrench into everything…..again.

A bit off topic.

Chuck Schumer on Fox: That was one of the best interviews by a politician I’ve seen in years & a refreshing improvement over Reid.
Perhaps some work can get done.

This sleazeball is impotent.

The democrats are on the margin. If Mittens Romney was in the White House, he’d call John McCain for advice. Mittens is not in the White House – a warrior named Donald Trump is.

Watch The Donald steamroll.

Cornyn is as likely to use the nuclear option as Snorin’Orin Hatch.

I wonder if Schumer believes even a fraction of what he says?