The officer shouted the phrase at a bunch of triggered students on election night. Hero.

The College Fix reports:

U. Virginia police officer shouts ‘Make America great again,’ forced to resign

A University of Virginia police officer has resigned for “abuse of a PA system” after he shouted “Make America great again” at students on election night.

According to The Cavalier Daily, student protesters who intruded on a Board of Visitors meeting back on the 11th included a demand for the firing of three officers allegedly associated with the public address “abuse,” and wanted a “re-evaluation of […] tuition dollars going to the University Police Department.”

A university investigation found only one officer violated PA protocols.

From the article:

“We believe any reasonable person would conclude that the inappropriate use of the PA system undermines the [University Police] Department’s goals and objectives and is detrimental to the department’s operation and the efficiency of the department,” a joint statement from Pat Hogan, University executive vice president and chief operating officer, and University Chief of Police Michael Gibson read.