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UC San Francisco Bans Sale of Sweetened Beverages on Campus

UC San Francisco Bans Sale of Sweetened Beverages on Campus

Nanny State

This is just another example of a university treating college students like children who are unable to make proper choices for themselves.

WTTV News reports:

University bans sweetened beverages to curb consumption among students, staff

On average, Americans consume more than 40 gallons of sugary drinks each year. In an effort to change what is apparently an everyday behavior for many people, public health researchers at the University of California, San Francisco took a bold step. They persuaded every vendor on campus to stop selling beverages with added sugar.

“It’s a sales ban, which means the university has opted out of the business of selling and profiting off of sugar-sweetened beverages,” said Laura Schmidt, a professor of health policy in the School of Medicine.

Schmidt spearheaded the voluntary sales ban, which took effect on July 1, 2015, yet required three years to get everybody on board. “It’s a very, very big institution,” she said, adding that she and her colleagues went “door to door” to meet with people.

Visitors are free to bring in whatever beverage they want — or leave campus to buy it. The one new rule is that every food source on campus, from the Subway restaurant to the vending machine in the lounge, will not sell the usual sugary beverages.

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It could be an opportunity for some enterprising student to make a mint selling underground sugary drinks.

Starbucks is gonna love this