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U. Texas Austin Ignores Demand to Disband Conservative Group for Affirmative Action Bake Sale

U. Texas Austin Ignores Demand to Disband Conservative Group for Affirmative Action Bake Sale

Leftists wanted group expelled from campus

Congrats to the University of Texas at Austin for defending free speech and resisting the demands of the mob.

The Daily Caller reports:

University Of Texas Champions Free Speech, Ignores Demands To Disband Conservative Student Group

The University of Texas at Austin will ignore demands from student officials to “disband” a young conservative student group following a controversial “affirmative action bake sale” last week.

The bake sale instantly drew large crowds of protesters, many claiming the bake sale was a “hate crime.” A petition demanding the removal of the group also circulated the campus and as of Thursday, it has 863 signatures.

A resolution, filed by multiple members of the UT student government, called on the UT administration to not only disband Young Conservatives of Texas but demanding that they university respond to future incidents by “putting an individual or organization on disciplinary probation, suspending them or expelling them from campus.”

The director of UT media outreach, J.B. Bird, told The Daily Texan that both the petition and resolution will not be acknowledged by the university because the bake sale is considered a form of protected speech, making participants immune to punishment by the public university.


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Well, that’s good, so far as it goes … which isn’t very far.

A more active approach would be even more newsworthy. They have the names of 863 people who are working to suppress the civil rights of the members of the Young Conservatives; they might take some official action to remove these agents of lawlessness from the campus.

Back in the late 1970s UT was so nice – we had disbanded the Student Government – none of this ‘stuff’ was verboten. Free speech was free and all permitted.

    Old0311 in reply to DallasMatt. | November 12, 2016 at 11:22 am

    The seventies looked a little different to me. I remember my generation acting like fools and trying to blame returning vets for Lyndon Johnson’s war. Sure there was free speech, but a lot of it was hateful speech. Just like now.

Ah, the irony is rich on this one. The fragile snowflakes screeching about “hate crimes” and “equality” while not understanding the whole point of the bake sale, which was to point out the discrimination in UT’s admissions system.

Amazing, when you study that picture.

You have one lunatic zealot out front doing all the screaming, and the a smattering of the more serious, but ignorant-arrogant types, and a smattering of compliant bozos in the crowd for the fun of ‘belonging.’

The lunatic zealot is a lost cause – he’ll probably wind up in jail one day. But the others need to be sat on by our society, and hard.