Isn’t college expensive and left-wing enough without courses like this? Would you pay for your child to take a course like this?

The College Fix reports:

U. North Carolina to offer diversity ‘supercourse’ on intersectionality, race, and social justice

The University of North Carolina will be offering a so-called diversity “supercourse” this coming spring called — wait for it! — “Intersectionality: Race, Gender, Sexuality and Social Justice.”

Professors Frank Baumgartner (political science), Jennifer Ho (English), and Sharon Holland (American studies) “will attempt to bridge the gap between various issues within society such as racial stereotyping and social justice,” reports The Daily Tar Heel.

Because colleges don’t do enough of this already, right?

Holland seems especially pumped about the new class: “I work in intersectional studies and teach across feminist, queer, sexuality and critical race studies,” she said. “So, really this is a course built for what it is that I do.”

From the article:

Baumgartner will focus on the implications of law within social justice.

“My particular parts of the course will deal with criminal justice and racial disparities,” he said. “I have research projects on capital punishment and also traffic stops, and will talk about some of that research, the associated literature on racial disparities and related matters.”