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U. New Mexico Head Under Fire for Using Taxpayer Money on Bigfoot Conference

U. New Mexico Head Under Fire for Using Taxpayer Money on Bigfoot Conference

Loch Ness Monster next year?

The University of New Mexico recently spent a tidy sum of taxpayer dollars on a two-day Bigfoot event and some people are not happy about it.

FOX News reports:

University executive director faces backlash for Bigfoot hunt

A top University of New Mexico official is in the hot seat after he spent taxpayer money on a Bigfoot conference.

Executive Director Dr. Christopher Dyer organized a two-day Bigfoot event, followed by an expedition that cost more than $7,000 for taxpayers, according to KRQE-TV.

The conference was hosted on campus. KRQE reported that the college paid for the expedition. However, no student or faculty participated in it.

“It was the largest and most well-attended event in the history of this campus,” Dyer said.

The University footed the bill for advertising, guest speaker meals, airfare and per diem. Self-professed Bigfoot expert Dr. Jeff Meldrum was paid a $1,000 honorarium plus expenses. The other guest speaker, Rob Kryder, was paid a $500 honorarium plus expenses.

After the conference, Dyer and some of his companions went to the desert searching for Bigfoot. Dyer said he and his companions did not spot Bigfoot, but they did see habitat.

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$7k? About 3 minutes of a Bill or Hillary “talk”.

$7000 for the most attended conference in history. That is an economic boost for the community, and cheap. Someone needs to hire that guy as an Economic Development specialist. Too bad universities don’t teach basic economics anymore, instead they substitute training in micro-aggression, and glowbull worming crap.