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Tucker Carlson Dismantles Liberal Journalist Over Smear Piece on Jeff Sessions

Tucker Carlson Dismantles Liberal Journalist Over Smear Piece on Jeff Sessions

Jonathan Allen of Roll Call gets taken behind the woodshed

Liberals in media have made their new mission clear. Now that they can no longer prevent Trump from winning the presidency, they intend to attack and smear anyone who might become a member of Trump’s administration.

Roll Call columnist Jonathan Allen went after Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions before he was even announced as Trump’s pick for attorney general. Here are a few choice highlights from Allen’s column:

Jeff Sessions Is Unfit for the Cabinet

Witnesses testified that the Alabama Republican had called major civil rights organizations “un-American,” used racially insensitive language with associates and even said pot-smoking was the only reason he no longer thought the KKK was OK. His nomination was withdrawn after two fellow Republicans crossed the partisan divide on the panel to disapprove of his confirmation…

The people of Alabama have a right to elect whomever they want to the Senate; but the Senate has a responsibility to prevent the federal government from becoming a haven for white nationalists and their friends. Sessions is a favorite of Stormfront, the white-nationalist web community founded by former Klansman Don Black. His confirmation would reinforce Trump’s appointment of white nationalist Steve Bannon to the top strategist’s role at the White House…

It’s clear that Sessions is unfit for the post of attorney general, where nonwhites would have good reason to fear that he would actively or passively defang the enforcement of federal civil rights laws. But Americans should also expect that their Defense and Homeland Security secretaries respect basic American concepts of equality and justice. How can Sessions effectively lead departments where minorities and LGBT Americans work?

KKK? Check.
Stormfront and white nationalism? Check.
Stoking fear among minorities? Check.

Jonathan Allen appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show last night and Tucker took him to task for his reportage. Professor Jacobson was live tweeting the segment:

Here’s the video:

When it comes to reviewing the record of Jeff Sessions, Jonathan Allen could take a lesson from Mark Hemingway of the Weekly Standard:

In Alabama, Jeff Sessions Desegregated Schools and Got the Death Penalty for KKK Head

Sessions’s actual track record certainly doesn’t suggest he’s a racist. Quite the opposite, in fact. As a U.S. Attorney he filed several cases to desegregate schools in Alabama. And he also prosecuted the head of the state Klan, Henry Francis Hays, for abducting and killing Michael Donald, a black teenager selected at random.

Sessions insisted on the death penalty for Hays. When he was later elected the state Attorney General, Sessions followed through and made sure Hays was executed. The successful prosecution of Hays also led to a $7 million civil judgment against the Klan, effectively breaking the back of the KKK in Alabama.

Funny how Allen missed those details, huh?

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Tucker’s new show is simply outstanding. I fear, however, that his success will lead to its demise as more and more liberals will refuse to participate out of fear of Tucker dismantling them and having Tucker showing them to the world for what they truly are.

    My wife and I have thought the same thing. What progressive would want to face Tucker. They’ll have to offer some serious money to get anyone on.

    casualobserver in reply to Cleetus. | November 19, 2016 at 11:43 am

    Even if the ideological writers no longer appear, it won’t be the “demise” of his show. He can be almost as effective with the authors in absentia. He can follow the O’Reilly playbook and call them weasels hiding under their desks and bring on respected voices (from media, from the left, etc.) who will tell the truth about attack pieces.

    tom swift in reply to Cleetus. | November 19, 2016 at 2:07 pm

    more and more liberals will refuse to participate out of fear of Tucker dismantling them

    I don’t think so.

    To me, the most striking failure of modern liberals is their utter lack of imagination. It’s simply impossible for them to imagine any scenario in which they could be wrong about anything. And anyone who doesn’t agree with that obvious truth must be simply dishonest.

    Krauthammer said much the same thing when he pointed out that conservatives think liberals are stupid, and liberals think conservatives are evil.

    They think conservatives are evil because they simply can’t imagine anything else. They genuinely can’t conceive of any intellectual process concluding that liberal bigotry isn’t founded in reality. Therefore their opponents, who won’t admit the fundamental superiority, the reality, of liberal dogma, must secretly agree, but won’t admit it; that is, they’re liars. And so, evil. Q.E.D.

    In other worlds … childishness. Most people outgrow both childishness and liberalism. But far too many don’t.

    The smug certainty of their rightness will insulate them from any fears that an interviewer could possibly eviscerate them on camera. Sure, he managed to trash that other guy, but hey, it won’t work on me. Smug self-satisfaction and total lack of imagination makes them easy prey for that old Hubris/Nemesis problem.

Wow, watch the media and DNC(same thing I know) beclown themselves further. Are they noticing yet that the old “racist” cry is falling flat? They’re so ideologically vapid that it’s their only tact, and it’s a joke now.

I wish Tucker would have thrown the desegregation and KKK prosecutions at Allen; that was the only missed opportunity in taking down that preemptive hatchet job on behalf of Democrats.

Allen is only so worried about who supports (unasked and unwanted, of course) a politician. The CPUSA endorsed Hilalry, but he doesn’t have a problem with that.

    PrincetonAl in reply to jeffweimer. | November 19, 2016 at 9:50 am

    I completely agree. To point out the facts left out is a key part of the MSM bias.

    To further address the question of justice before the law, getting the death penalty for a KKK leader answers it. Not because the piece needs gull rebuttal from scurrilous charges, but because it also shows what they leave out by choice.

    To further rebut the comment about re-segregation of the army,!talk about desegregation of schools.

    But I love the calm fight in Tucker. New show is a winner.

      Mike H. in reply to PrincetonAl. | November 20, 2016 at 9:32 pm

      Segregation in the military was brought about by Woody Wilson when he segregated the civil service and military.
      My father hated him for that.

    It was Molly Hemingway with the Federalist who pointed out to Tucker later in the program Session’s work on the KKK case and the desegregation of the school system. It would have been great to watch the Roll Call journalist (?) have to address those points. But one other point: Sessions voted for the nomination of Eric Holder for AG. If Sessions is supposedly such a racist, how would he ever vote for Holder? (who, by the way, has proven himself to be a racist against whites, imho).

His ears got so progressively redder during the interview that I was waiting for the pop-up timer on this turkey to spring out to signal he was done.

For those that have not watched Carlson on his new show, tune in. This is not the first person to be ridiculed for their lies.

He has no fear of the truth and is prepared for the interview.

A delightful program so far.

The Trump team should take heed. These attack articles by the MSM are battlefield prep. Expect Senate Democrats to use similiar lines of attack during the conformation hearings.

Humphrey's Executor | November 19, 2016 at 9:31 am

Sessions has stood like Horatius at the gate the last 8 years. To see him borked is infuriating.

Tucker took this fool apart.

Tucker did a great job exposing this “journalist” for the hack that he truly is. The confirmation process is going to be even uglier, if they stick with the current method of a grand hearing where all the committee members get to bombast endlessly. I would love to see them return to the confirmation process of a hundred years ago – behind closed doors, and after a short review of qualifications, an up or down vote. Stop making a spectacle of everything and get the job done!

Hack journalist = fish in a barrel. After two minutes on Google any one of us would have taken down a hack this bad.

And the Dem/Libs are “afraid” of “fake news”? If it wasn’t for fake and misleading news stories, liberal reporters would be forced to write advertising copy to survive.

The best part about eviscerating the lack of logic from liberals in their attack pieces is the way the immediately jump to the same corner in their defense. “I am not SAYING he is racist, I am just asking the question…” or, “I am just raising the issue..” or “I am just pointing things out…”

It doesn’t even make their pieces rise to the level of mediocre journalism (old definition) or reasonable analysis. And that is why Tucker was so on point to start his interview (is that what it was?) by saying it was essentially a DNC talking points piece. Not journalism. Political prose.

What a pathetic oaf.

Filthy, malignant propagandists like this ape need to be put in their place, and hard.

In Alabama, Jeff Sessions Desegregated Schools and Got the Death Penalty for KKK Murderer:

This hack is worried about equal justice for all? After Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch!?

It’s clear that Sessions is unfit for the post of attorney general, where nonwhites would have good reason to fear that he would actively or passively defang the enforcement of federal civil rights laws.

Oh, like Holder did for whites.

I agree than Allan is a doofus and a party hack. But one of the things I hate is how people in the conservative and liberal bubbles always pick the easy targets so they can stay in their bubbles and preach to the converted. That’s one of the reasons people in this country can’t talk to each other anymore. And Fox is worse on that score than the mainstream media (as bad as they are). You have to go to more of the liberal fringe before it gets as bad.

I’m not sure Sessions is a racist. But there is plenty to be concerned about. Instead of interviewing a hack like Allan I would have preferred Carlson to have challenged somebody like Sarah Wildman who wrote a well-researched piece on Sessions in 2002: There, you will see far more well-documented facts and allegations. The fact that Sessions prosecuted and sought the death penalty for a KKK murderer does not impress me. He was doing his job. If he hadn’t done that it would have caused even his staunchest supporters to run for cover. Likewise for desegregation. If you look up the history of Sessions desegregation in Alabama you will see he was not proactive but rather, simply followed federal laws and mandates that had he refused to enforce, would have got him into the serious trouble other judges did for bucking the laws.

    The article you linked to appears to mention many of the same points that Allan made on the video. Maybe Sarah Wildman could have debated more effectively with Tucker, but judging from the article, she would likely have brought up most of the same points as Allan.