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Trump Victory Spawns “Subway Therapy” Notes Plastered in NYC Subways

Trump Victory Spawns “Subway Therapy” Notes Plastered in NYC Subways

Venting via sticky notes beats violent riots any day, but still . . .

Not all New Yorkers are out rioting in the streets; some are choosing instead to write their thoughts down and stick the note to a NYC subway wall.

The notes range from the typical “love trumps hate” and “I’m still with her” to the hopeful “Everything will be alright,” with heaping helpings of vitriol in between (“Fuck Donald Trump“).



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So Simon and Garfunkel were right? “The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls”

The odds of me doing something like posting my “feelings” on the wall of a subway because my candidate lost an election are pretty much zero. And, I’d guess most other people with a conservative mindset feel the same way. I wonder why liberals feel compelled to do something like this?

It beast rioting in the streets. So long as the creator cleans up after everyone, I’m cool with it.

In fact, I’m slightly amused.

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