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Trump Posts Online Survey for First 100-Day Administrative Agenda

Trump Posts Online Survey for First 100-Day Administrative Agenda

Is this what populism looks like?

President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign website recently published an online survey. This latest survey seeks the options of anyone with an internet connection on how the incoming administration should prioritize their first three months.

With a total of 29 questions, the survey doesn’t seek opinions on the issues themselves, just whether or not particular issues are important to the respondent.

A sampling:


Questions cover topics from Supreme Court appointments, TPP, and Chinese currency manipulation — all bit ticket items for Trump’s campaign.

Upon completion of the survey, respondents are directed hit with a request for donations to, “sustain the movement”:


This is not the first survey released by the Trump campaign. Similar surveys were published requesting opinion prior to Trump’s presidential debates with Hillary. Yet another was published to gauge public opinion of mainstream media accountability.

Whether or not the Trump campaign takes the responses to heart or if this is just a clever marketing ploy is another question entirely.

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He should open a “truth” line like Obama did so they can identify and correct news stories that are factually incorrect.

Actually I think Obama opened like 3 of those in his 8 years.

The survey needs an all of the above button.

Left my feedback. Thanks for pointing to it.

Populism is another name for anti-elitist democracy. So yes, this is populism. Proud, patriotic populism.

Was “Give job to Pence” one of the options?

ugottabekiddinme | November 21, 2016 at 7:02 pm

Nice list, but the survey is really just an exercise to get your name and contact information, as well as to ask for a donation.

I’ll pass.

This doesn’t look like Populism, it looks something like those fundraising things NRA is always sending out. That doesn’t mean it’s a scam; it can be legit, but be more of a Party thing than a Trump thing.

Even though this election’s over, Party fundraising never ends.

Is this what populism looks like?

No – this what political fundraising looks like!

I wish I would have seen an item on there regarding a Supreme Court clarification of the 14th amendment and doing away with birthright citizenship. If that one thing got done, it would solve so many problems.