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Trump Selects “Climate Criminal” to Head EPA Transition Team

Trump Selects “Climate Criminal” to Head EPA Transition Team

Choice of Mryon Ebell shows political climate dramatically changed already.

Mary Chastain reviewed the impressive list of candidates for Donald Trump’s cabinet released by Buzzfeed, featuring well-known politicos such as Rudy Guiliani, Newt Gingrich, and Chris Christie, Ben Carson, and Sarah Palin.

However, via Don Surber, comes proof that Trump intends to dramatically change the political climate with his appointments by naming someone with a bit less notoriety to a fairly significant position.

Trump picked Myron Ebell, director of the Center for Energy and Environment at the conservative Competitive Enterprise Institute, to head his transition team at the EPA.

That move rattled the right cages.

Ebell realizes global cooling/global warming/climate change is just a socialist trick to expand government control.

Slate contributor Susan Matthews puts her concerns about the choice of Ebell succinctly:

While I know in my brain that “transition team” means “transition until Trump is president,” I cannot help but read this as “transition until we get rid of (or neuter) the EPA.” Trump has made it clear that he has no use for environmental regulation during his run.

As I have noted before, the EPA is no longer engaging in its original mission: Protecting human health and the environment from pollution. Carbon dioxide is not pollution, but a vital part of the life-sustaining atmosphere. That Ebell understands real science is a good indicator that serious and sober people will soon be in other key positions as well.

Ebell has the proper attitude when engaging climate change believers, too.

…In a biography submitted when he testified before Congress, he listed among his recognitions that he had been featured in a Greenpeace “Field Guide to Climate Criminals,” dubbed a “misleader” on global warming by Rolling Stone and was the subject of a motion to censure in the British House of Commons after Ebell criticized the United Kingdom’s chief scientific adviser for his views on global warming.

More recently, Ebell has called the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan for greenhouse gases illegal and said that Obama joining the Paris climate treaty “is clearly an unconstitutional usurpation of the Senate’s authority.”

Here is an interview during the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, during which President Obama signed economy-crushing climate accords, Ebell discusses his “climate criminal” status.

Donald van der Vaart, the Secretary of North Carolina’s Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources, as a detailed analysis as to why Ebell is the perfect choice to head the EPA transition team.

…State governments and their citizens have demonstrated the ability to implement programs that protect our environment without destroying the very thing that makes environmental protection possible: a strong economy.

Over the last eight years the Obama administration has abandoned this successful approach to environmental protection as envisioned by Congress. Instead, they have turned to special interest groups to drive centralized planning. Prime examples include the 2015 EPA Power Plan and the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule.

…A thoughtful and knowledgeable individual like Myron Ebell appears to be perfectly suited to lead the transition to a new EPA. His position on climate change is simply one example of his suitability. The EPA does play a role in environmental protection. However, that role, like all federal government, should be limited in order to maximize freedom.

For those still unhappy with the Trump win, just consider the likelihood Hillary would have retained the current EPA head, who has overseen the Clean Power policy enforcement, Waters of the United States’ liberty crushing rules, the Animas River Spill, and the Flint water crisis.

My one wish was to watch Donald Trump tell EPA’s Gina McCathy, “You’re fired”. That this will be done by a patriot dubbed an “elegant nerd” with a sense of humor is nearly as good.

I can’t wait to see who Trump appoints next.


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Trump has confounded his critics from the start.
Thank God we chose Trump, not #NeverTrump.

Unfortunately, this statement—

…State governments and their citizens have demonstrated the ability to implement programs that protect our environment without destroying the very thing that makes environmental protection possible: a strong economy.

Is just flat-out ridiculous. The government of Massachusetts is the proof. Government at all levels has the uncanny ability to foul up absolutely anything. And the reasons for that are basically the same, no matter how big or small the government is. The government which governs least, governs best is not just a cute aphorism for fortune cookies. The less government you have, the less bad government you have. That’s just math.

This is probably the best news I’ve seen all day. More so because it is an indication Trump isn’t afraid of PC narratives when it comes to forming his administration. Plus, I’m pretty sure more liberal heads will be exploding – another plus. Yes…. a good day in deed.

    Within a few hours of his election, various RINO’s started telling Trump what he should do and how he should do things. The arrogance.

    By appointing Ebell, Trump shows very clearly that he is not going to let any of these phonies set the agenda.

    If all his selections are half as good as Myron Ebell, we are going to have a lot of fun.

I’m sure the left will give Ebell the James G. Watt treatment.

smalltownoklahoman | November 11, 2016 at 1:47 pm

Well that explains that popping sound! It’s the sound of liberal environazi heads exploding across the country.

Heads are exploding like it’s a Jet.Com commercial!

“…dubbed a “misleader” on global warming by Rolling Stone…”

By Rolling Stone. Imagine that! Rolling Stone finding someone who is misleading!

“Climate Criminal?” Oh yes, someone who is guilty of “Thought Crime.”

And the left says the right is “fascist” and “totalitarian.”

Jeesh, talk about complete and utter lack of self awareness.

While I personally like the guy, I do find it ironic that he’s a quintessential “inside the Beltway” guy according to our less bright T-rumpians’ criteria.

    Gunstar1 in reply to Ragspierre. | November 11, 2016 at 2:58 pm

    Thought you might be posting something about the person and the article, but you got me. Turned it into another bash against Trump and his supporters.

    I got tired of their crap on this site too, but jeez man, just drop it already.

    And there goes Rags, demonstrating his confusion of map with territory. Assuming he knew what Trump supporters/voters actually thought in the first place.

“Choice of Mryon Ebell shows political climate dramatically changed already.”
Whoever wrote this byline knows they were had.

Love it!!!!

JackRussellTerrierist | November 11, 2016 at 3:26 pm

One of the smart guys. He’s a hoot, too. 🙂

As the late and great Jackie Gleason would say, How sweet it is!

One federal agency that has been out of control will be put back on it’s leash.

Congrats President-elect Trump!

The EPA has been a totally political arm of Obama, devoid of any scientific understanding. For example, Obama tasked the EPA by Executive Order to implement Cap-and-Trade after, wisely, it had not been passed by Congress. “Global Warming” alarmists, now robed in “climate change”, have inarguably been proved completely wrong by the REAL scientific community. These alarmists include many who are in fact charlatans, acting under the aspirations of environmentalists’ and alternative energy companies’ (cf. Al Gore) special interests. Chief among the irresponsible organizations is Greenpeace. The restrictions imposed on life-giving CO2 hurt the poorest among us, who have a lesser percentage of their income to spend on necessities including heating, electricity, and gasoline. For REAL science, go to

Martin P. Fricke, Ph.D. (physics), San Diego

Very Reaganesque, as many predicted.

    Henry Hawkins in reply to Ragspierre. | November 11, 2016 at 6:54 pm

    Yeah, I saw that too, where after meeting with Obama, Trump added amending Obamacare instead of repealing it to his list of possibilities. Fix instead of repeal and replace? I suspect he’ll be swallowing that one in the near future.

      Agreed. He can’t possibly hope to break a key campaign promise before even taking office and get away with it.

      People are fed up, and his demolishing their dreams and hopes by slipping into the swamp he’s been elected to drain will not be greeted with the apologies and rationalizations the deeply disappointed Dems contorted themselves into for eight years. That’s my hope. Then again, as with Obama, Trump fans have invested a LOT in him, and they may just recycle the same excuses we called hypocritical when offered by the progressive left when Obama failed to live up to their expectations.

      We’ll see, though. I do think he’ll have a real problem not backing a repeal and replace. ObamaCare is not just about 1/6 of our economy in terms of health care, it also included a lot of highly objectionable items that have wreaked havoc on people. For example, it included the government takeover of student loans, the near-mandate of a 30-hour work week (the results of which are devastating on the middle classes), the IPAB “death panel,” the Medicaid expansion that is designed to force states into “Medicaid for all” because once the federal subsidies run out, the states are on the hook for all the people added via Medicaid, the horrific mandates concerning abortion and birth control, the extension of benefits to illegals, and on and on. And on.

      Also, everything bad about the bill has been (often illegally) kicked down the road by Obama. That all kicks in when he leaves office . . . unless President Trump chooses to kick it all down the road, too. But he can’t do that, Obama’s inability to stand behind his own health care law has led to it falling apart for more quickly than it might have had he not been afraid to implement the parts of the law–and it is law–he doesn’t think Americans will like. He’s right, we won’t. But that all has to be made known to Trump because his waffling on repeal will lead to layers of problems that extend beyond the obvious.

      The entire law needs to be scrapped. Starting over may include the things that Trump (and many Republicans) like such as the mandated coverage regarding pre-existing conditions and the bizarre (and culturally dangerous) allowance that “kids” be covered by their parents’ policies until they are 26, but it has to go for reasons that go beyond how many people are covered and what it costs. The entirety of the bill is toxic on every level. It represents fundamental transformation, wealth transfer from those least able to afford it (the shrinking middle class), and government control that has not been fully appreciated. It’s not just health care, and ObamaCare has to go.

        Henry Hawkins in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | November 11, 2016 at 9:33 pm

        Obamacare is just a scam to force, by law, one half of the people to pay for the other half’s free health insurance.

        You people are so naive. This is not the same paradigm as previous presidencies. Trump just executed a hostile takeover of the office. He is going to do what ultimately he thinks is best for the country. One thing all of us can count on – he is going to undo as much of the Obama presidency as possible and re-shape it into his vision. That includes health care.

        What you see right now is him being conciliatory because it is his first week. Make no mistake however, Trump wants to flush this government clean so that the people who actually care about this country are running it. Squeeze as much of the corruption out of every department as he can. Simultaneously he will be implementing the agenda set forth in the campaign.

        This is a tough as nails guy. Smart and shrewd. I noted while Ryan was gushing about Trump – Trump’s demeanor did not change. All of his people keep saying the same thing – this guy is going to be a great president. We need him to be – this country is spiraling down at a high rate. He is going to make mistakes but we know from the campaign that will not deter him. He will make mid-course corrections and go forward.

        Give him a chance. Look beyond what you see. What is going on right now in Trump Tower will change the direction of this country.

        That’s my two cents. Not going to argue with any of you. Not going to do what Gary did.

          Hmmm. Did you even read my comment? (Seriously, I’m asking because your response bears no relation at all to what I wrote and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in that context.)

          PhillyGuy in reply to PhillyGuy. | November 11, 2016 at 10:34 pm

          I apologize Fuzzy. I thought I was posting it as a new comment.

          One last comment. Soon Trump will see all the secrets. There will be no place for Obama or the Clintons to hide. This was Obama’s doomsday scenario. I think Trump looks at Obama like a fly that he can swat.

          So he’s going to play nice until he get the keys to the car.

        “Key campaign promise”? Singular? So far we have Trumpulus (granted he campaigned on it, and Hillary had her own, much less expensive proposal), Iran deal, Obamacare.

It will be interesting to watch as the back stabbers on the right try to set themselves up as the judges of Trump’s success.

    Ragspierre in reply to VaGentleman. | November 11, 2016 at 8:56 pm

    What’ll be MORE interesting is for conservatives who tried to warn you about the stinking, lying PATHOLOGICAL Collectivist thug to point out the reveal truth of what they said.

    I’ll be happy to oblige.

      Henry Hawkins in reply to Ragspierre. | November 11, 2016 at 9:39 pm

      Free child care, and a new and improved stimulus bill, paid for by the money saved by not building the wall, I guess.

      The GOPe hates the stuff Trump supporters love about Trump, and trouble ahead seems likely, but… the GOPe loves this new Trump big government stuff.

        VaGentleman in reply to Henry Hawkins. | November 12, 2016 at 2:59 am

        I’m sorry Henry, but has any of that happened yet? Or is it just something people are imagining might happen?

          Henry Hawkins in reply to VaGentleman. | November 12, 2016 at 9:21 am

          What a dumb thing to say. If Trump promised to shoot all the lefthanded redheads, would we disregard it until it happens.

          You are so quick to lob bricks you never stop to think through what you’re saying. That was truly stupid.

          VaGentleman in reply to VaGentleman. | November 12, 2016 at 10:27 am

          If Trump said he was going to disband Dept of Ed, fix VA, repeal Obamacare, and balance the budget his first year, would you believe it all then or say ‘lets wait and see what happens’?

          Ragspierre in reply to VaGentleman. | November 12, 2016 at 11:04 am

          Again, a torturing of concepts to make a broke-dick argument.

          On the one hand, Henry’s proposition is about an outright danger.

          On the other hand, you propose a set of positive things that have been promised.

          This is like juxtaposing, “We are ISIS and plan to attack an American mall in the next month” with “Yes, my child, you will be getting your heart’s desire at Christmas”.

          Which do people who deal in reality consider a reason to act?

          Ragspierre in reply to VaGentleman. | November 12, 2016 at 11:49 am

          Again, a torturing of concepts to make a broke-dick argument.

          On the one hand, Henry’s proposition is about an outright danger.

          On the other hand, you propose a set of positive things that have been promised.

          This is like juxtaposing, “We are ISIS and plan to attack an American mall in the next month” with “Yes, my child, you will be getting you

          VaGentleman in reply to VaGentleman. | November 12, 2016 at 9:54 pm

          Henry invalidated his own argument with his choice of example. His original argument was about policy matters (apple). Trying to justify his position, Henry used a violent / criminal act (orange) to justify urgency. The threat of violent actions calls for a higher level of concern, but it is an inappropriate argument here since Trump proposed no violent action. Henry is saying that the response to an apple should be the same as the response to an orange even though the link (violent action) is missing. They are 2 separate issues and require different responses.

          I see you are still working on the penis envy problem. Keep nibbling away at it. The solution will come to you.

      VaGentleman in reply to Ragspierre. | November 12, 2016 at 2:57 am

      Oh please. Get over yourself. Do you honestly think I was talking to you?

      The republicans who stabbed Trump in the back were the GOPe’rs (Bush et al) and the in house #NT crowd (Kristol et al). After demanding a loyalty pledge, they reneged. After proving how inept they were and how out of touch with America they are, they will try to regain credibility by destroying his presidency. They will demand adherence to impossible standards. If Trump walks on water and feeds the multitudes it will not be enough. They will demand a strict, unwavering allegiance to their view of what governance is (thought police, anyone?). After complaining about 8 yrs of an ideologue president, they will demand that he be one. What they are really pissed about is that he won. His loss would have validated their position, their belief in their own superiority, and that was more important than the damage to the country that would have ensued. Trump was not elected to be a hard core right wing president. Poor losers on the hard right will try to hold him to their monolithic view of conservativism, but he never ran on it as a platform. Those who elected him know that. His warts were clearly on display. They expect him to be human, not perfect. The hard right and the hard left don’t respect that result, or the voters who made it. Shame on them.

      It is certain that over the next 4 years Trump will do things worthy of criticism. You can’t govern in a pluralistic society like ours without making mistakes and making someone unhappy. Presidents aren’t dictators and congress certainly plays a role in what can be done by a president. If, after 4 years, we can say that he was better than Clinton would have been, the country made the right choice. And as we criticize him along the way we need to ask the same question. Just to keep the critics honest. Because, after the democratic process worked its will in the primaries, that was the choice we had on 11/8/16.

      VaGentleman in reply to Ragspierre. | November 12, 2016 at 3:42 am

      Voting is the ultimate collectivist activity. It’s how the collective justifies its activities.
      Government collectivises anarchy.
      Insurance collectivises risk.
      Lawyers collectivise vengeance.
      Religion collectivises morality.
      Society profits from these and others.

      Successful modern societies are mixtures of individual and collective elements. Knowing what and how far to collectivise is a question we are asked to answer in every election. An outright rejection is just as foolish as an unquestioning embrace.

        Ragspierre in reply to VaGentleman. | November 12, 2016 at 9:11 am

        You’re intentionally straining words to try to make a broke-dick argument.

        Collectivism as I use it, and as you know, has a specific meaning, which is why it is Collectivism (big C) and not collectivism.

        T-rump is a Progressive, which is part of the Collectivist family of BIG GOVERNMENT statist forms.

        Oh, and while I am not…and never would pretend I was…”the conscience of conservatives”, I am one happy lil’ cell in that body of people who make it up.

        I have hopes you’ll have the scales fall from your eyes and join us on the sunny uplands of reality!

          VaGentleman in reply to Ragspierre. | November 12, 2016 at 10:52 am

          If you had been able to come up with a rebuttal you would have posted it. The only straining is your brain trying to keep up.

          How long have you been fixated on other mens’ penises?

          Big C, little c – a distinction without a difference.

          Your admitted anti Trump bias means you are not an impartial judge. Especially when he hasn’t yet done anything as president. See my post above.

          It’s good to know you’re nothing special. That puts your comments critical of other conservatives in perspective.

          In my reality, my candidates get elected. Yours seem to lose in your reality. I’ll keep mine.

          Ragspierre in reply to Ragspierre. | November 12, 2016 at 11:09 am

          Wow. Not ready for reality yet, I see.

          What a pitiful T-rump sucking cultist! All of us who are conservatives pity you.

          There is a powerful distinction between “collective” and “Collective”, and you are lying to say it doesn’t exist. But that’s what you do.

          In anyone’s reality, T-rump got elected. STFW?

          Rag: “T-rump sucking cultist!”

          And Rag takes another shit on the Prof’s living room foor. Classy.

          “All of us who are conservatives pity you”

          You’re not a conservative, you’re a Moby. All your patterns are Leftist – making up schoolyard nicknames like “Shrub”, turning policy discussions personal, trying to shame with ad hom, distorting what others say as you spew lies without any sense of shame or integrity.

          There were two kinds of anti-Trumpers the day after the election

          1) those who showed up with a mea culpa about how wrong they were, with best wishes that Trump turned out to be a decent leader

          2) Hillary supporters that hid under the covers and threw tantrums

          Note that you hid out the first day. Over on Dem underground, yes?
          So who is this “we”, kemosabe. If there is any consensus here, its that the Prof show you the door. You’re just a lefty concern troll, and not a very good one at that.

          Ragspierre in reply to Ragspierre. | November 12, 2016 at 12:27 pm

          Yes, yes, you poor stooooooopid, lying child.

          I’ve been a known rock solid Conservative here for years.

          I’ve nothing to offer a “mea culpa” about, though you certainly do, troll.

          Is it your “concensus” that my voice be silenced, you little Collectivist stooge? That would be very consistent with T-rump, you Great God Cheeto.

          You really DO have a facility to lie like Obama lies. You might consider that a talent. I consider it filthy and sick.

    Yah, the people that completely got this election wrong somehow expect us to find their analysis credible now. LOL. No shame.

    Just the like the MSM.

    Its like with football. Some jerk trashes Bama for weeks on end, taunts us that Auburn is going to beat them by 30 points, and they day after Bama skunks Auburn 30-0 he’s still running his mouth.

The actual ‘bread and butter’ of the EPA is not CO2, as about 95%+ of their activities involve lead, mercury, water pollution, particle emissions, etc… It’s just that 5% is where the real active troublemakers have wedged themselves. The hard part will be if/when that section of the EPA is cleaned out, how do you keep the hardline CO2 radicals from relocating (as Federal Civil Service tends to do when positions are eliminated) into different sections of the EPA and causing just as many or more troubles for the upcoming administration. (the hiring freeze he proposed is a good start.)

They need to be fired, but as Civil Service, that’s almost impossible. At least the leftist presidential appointee leadership can be fired with just a stroke of the pen, unless Obama can ’embed’ them into Civil Service somehow in the next few weeks.

I like this fellow. He is sharp, humble and diplomatic in this interview. He has a solid grasp of the issues and the larger political picture.
I bet he was quite surprised to find himself on the Trump team. Especially at the gravity of the position he is now in.
He will do just fine.

This article is so great.

Nice article. Telling comments.

Trump is going to put the perfect person in the position and the few nevertrumpers left have nothing nice to say.

Which is why you are and remain irrelevant. A more pathetic bunch of losers have not been seen, on par with the worst of the left. Enjoy your cry.

    Ragspierre in reply to Barry. | November 12, 2016 at 5:08 pm

    Washington (CNN)To shape his administration, President-elect Donald Trump is drawing squarely from the “swamp” he has pledged to drain.

    Trump’s transition team is staffed with long-time Washington experts and lobbyists from K Street, think tanks and political offices.

    It’s a far cry from Trump’s campaign, which ended only Tuesday night, and message that he would “drain the swamp” in Washington. He has advocated congressional term limits and proposed a “five-point plan for ethics reform” that included strengthening restrictions on lobbying, including five-year bans for members and staff of the executive branch and Congress from lobbying, and expanding the definition of lobbyist to prevent more revolving door activity.

    But he has so far fully embraced lobbyists within his transition, and all signs point to a heavy influence from longtime Washington Republican circles on his transition. And with Trump mostly skipping detailed policy proposals during his campaign, they can have a powerful impact on his agenda.

    Puuuuurrr Butt-hurt Barri. So much reality to have to come to grips with…so little sense to help do it.

    Even Ebell, who I like (you’d know that if you could read) is a Beltway insider and lobbyist.

    Such a dupe…