Two important videos came out in the past couple of days.

First, was Donald Trumps’s closing argument. A two-minute video, released on November 4, that is to be aired on television and has several hundred thousand views on YouTube already. It also has garnered widespread media attention.

Joe Scarborough tweeted:

GOP candidates who want to win Michigan, OH, PA & the White House in the future should borrow heavily from this ad.

In contrast stands the 45-minute Never Trump closing argument produced by Ben Howe and released on November 3. The film is called The Sociopath.

It’s receiving accolades from people opposed to Trump at any cost, even if that cost is President Hillary Clinton.

In this election year, I’m not sure The Sociopath will make a difference. It’s not that it’s too little, too late. It’s that the title of the film also could have been Hillary’s life story.

That’s the problem.