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Tommy Hilfiger: ‘Any Designer Should Be Proud to Dress’ Melania Trump

Tommy Hilfiger: ‘Any Designer Should Be Proud to Dress’ Melania Trump

“I don’t think people should become political about it.”

Designer Sophie Theallet caused a stir when she announced she would not dress or design for future First Lady Melania Trump and encouraged other designers to follow her. But famous designer Tommy Hilfiger only had praise for Melania:

“I think Melania is a very beautiful woman and I think any designer should be proud to dress her. Ivanka is equally as beautiful and smart, although she wears her own clothes. I don’t think people should become political about it. Everyone was very happy to dress Michelle [Obama] as well. I think they look great in the clothes. You’re not gonna get much more beautiful than Ivanka or Melania.”

Hilfiger knows President-elect Trump and has an office in Trump Tower. He personally donated $5,400 to the Trump campaign while his company Star Branding gave the same amount to Hillary Clinton.

Hilfiger is the first prominent name in fashion to disagree with Theallet after she wrote this letter:

Not everyone appreciated Theallet’s announcement. Angela Guitard, owner of designer boutique Angela’s in Rye, New York, sent a scathing email to Theallet and vowed to never carry the designer’s collection in her store:

“As an independent store owner unbiased to all, I keep my opinions to myself about politics, especially when it is unwarranted. I am disappointed by your e-mail and the ignorant said content of it. Clearly you are now inflicting your impudent political opinions on others and using social media for promotion. It is disrespectful and unprofessional on many fronts,” Guitard wrote.

“The fact that you have rejected our new president and first lady is not only a slap in the face to me as a U.S. citizen, but you have also insulted the true democracy of this country and negated any openness to unite Americans,” she wrote.

Guitard said the USA has allowed both Theallet and many others, including herself, many opportunities to pursue their dream. “Capitalism is the true mantra of this country; ignorance is not,” Guitard wrote. “I encourage you, as an immigrant to this country, to cherish the USA, the great country you now live in, and embrace our new reign of power in the White House,” she wrote.

Further she added, “It would be anyone’s honor to dress our first lady that this country has chosen.”

Guitard and her husband, both from France, became American citizens this year. They voted for the first time in this presidential election:

“I feel very strongly that he [Donald Trump] won the election, he is our president-elect and you have to respect who the people voted for,” Guitard told WWD. She said she would drop any designers who refuse to dress Melania Trump. She said she hasn’t heard back yet from Theallet, who has dressed First Lady Michelle Obama during the past eight years.

On the campaign trail, sources said that Ivanka and Melania often dressed themselves. That is not necessarily a bad thing since Ivanka has her own brand and Melania always looked fantastic. So it is not a shock that Theallet refused to dress Melania.

But designer Carolina Herrera believes designers who refuse to dress Melania will cave in a few months:

And indeed, politics have also been on Herrera’s mind. She recently dressed Michelle Obama for the cover of American Vogue’s December issue. “Michelle has been impeccable as the first lady,” she says. As for Melania Trump, the designer reckons that her colleagues will soon cotton on to the idea of starting a sartorial conversation with the new first lady.

“I think that in two or three months they’ll reach out, because it’s fashion,” Herrera says. “You’ll see everyone dressing Melania. She’s representing the United States.”

To be sure, Herrera has plenty of history to draw upon to make that sort of educated guess. Much of her success lies in her ability to adapt to present industry demands without shifting her own point of view. “We have to be very conscious now, more than ever, in the fashion world,” she says. “Because it is very flimsy. Everything is changing.”


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File under what goes around comes around. If “the all knowing they” drove a bakery out of business for refusing to bake a cake, can’t they also drive a dress designer out of business for refusing to design a dress.

First Lady Melania Trump is a beautiful woman. It takes no skill to make her look good. The real test of a designer is to make the average woman feel that their clothes make them look that good.

I imagine with the money the Trumps have she will be able to purchase whatever clothing she needs without depending on designer freebies. Of course the designers who choose to shun Mrs. Trump will not get publicity they h8istorically do.

DINORightMarie | November 23, 2016 at 5:08 pm

Yeah, and all those celebrities are going to move to Canada if Trump wins, right?!

Hot air. Typical mouthing off, politicizing everything, a la progressive Alinskyites in the Obama era.

(An aside – Michelle Obama NEEDS over 20 personal dressers and aides – more than ANY First Lady, including Hillary, ever needed! – plus several makeovers, wigs, etc…..and, LOTS of PhotoShop!… to make her so “attractive.” Just look at that Vogue cover – she’s never had that small a waist at ANY angle she’s been photographed from! IMHO, she is a hideous woman – inside, particularly – and is physically unattractive at best – again in my opinion. Nothing I’ve ever seen her wear had made her, or helped make her, look attractive, regardless of the designers, clothes, etc. BTW – saying that on the UK Daily Mail, with all politeness while expressing my opinion openly, got me BANNED from their site. No free speech there!)

I’d like to dress her….. 🙂
Seriously, I hope she wears lots of Ivanka brand clothes. Ivanka seems to be one really smart lady, and she choose wisely marring Jerod.
Of course had hilldawg won Omar the tent maker would have been ecstatic as I hear he has a new line of tents coming out.

Char Char Binks | November 23, 2016 at 5:34 pm

Get ready for a Hilfiger boycott. Maybe they’ll even call him Hitlerfiger.

    I doubt it.

    Hilfiger is a BIG brand name, and he’s personally involved in a LOT of charity work (especially regarding autism).

    The Progressives might grumble, but the risk of him pulling out from some of the charities if the Progressive Rabble get too mouthy is too big for any of the few intelligent ones to stomach, so they will keep the rabble in line.

While Michelle Obama occasionally looked nice, most of the time her clothes were unflattering. Melania should be the one doing the boycotting.

So will we be seeing a walk of designers going to see Melania on the TrumpTowerCam?

I would rather see the “office” of First Lady go back into the background. We elect a CEO, not royalty.

I have often thought that designers didn’t dress Mrs. Obama to her advantage. Looking forward to state dinner gowns on Mrs. Trump!

I am so blessed to not know anyone as small minded as Sophie Theallet.