The election is less than a week away. It’s been an awful cycle. You deserve to have some feel-good story in your day. Like this one…

Erling Kindem and Emmett Rychner are the best of pals. They’re also 86 years apart.

The Washington Post has the full story:

“Every time he saw me out there, he would come running over,” Kindem, a World War II veteran, told KARE, an NBC affiliate in Minneapolis. ” ‘Erling, got any ‘matoes?’ ”

He is speaking of his dear friend and young next-door neighbor, Emmett Rychner, in Farmington, Minn. Although Rychner was just a boy and Kindem an elderly man, the pair grew close, and their friendship was featured on the local news.

“They kind of bonded over the tomatoes in his garden,” Emmett’s mother, Anika Rychner, told KARE. “Because Emmett loves tomatoes.”

Emmett and his family eventually moved to a neighboring town. Erling moved, too. Still, the unlikely pair remained friends. Emmett sang “Happy Birthday” to Erling when he turned 90. He was there last month, too, when it was time to say goodbye to Erling one last time.

Erling passed away in October, shortly after his little friend visited him.

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