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These Obama/Biden Memes are the Best Thing on the Post-Election Internet

These Obama/Biden Memes are the Best Thing on the Post-Election Internet

It’s funny because it’s true(ish)

Since the presidential election last week, there’s scarcely a corner of the internet free of nasty contentiousness. Thankfully, not everyone has lost their sense of humor.

A handful of memes imagining President Obama and VP Biden’s White House departure are easily my most favorite things on the internet right now. Especially since they play on Uncle Joe as well…Uncle Joe. Most of the memes show Biden suggesting ways to prank the incoming presidential crew, but all of them are lol-worthy.







As far as I can tell, Josh Billinson is the man to thank for all the laughs, or most of them anyway. He was the first to make the memes and the rest of the internet piled on. Well done, good sir. Well done.

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UnCivilServant | November 14, 2016 at 8:48 am

Memetic Biden is better than real Biden.

The one about the birth certificate is inspired.

I don’t worry about the jokes. I worry about the passive microphones and cameras, and the bugged “secure” landlines.

I wonder how Biden is reacting to these jokes?

That jerk actually has his foot up on the Resolute desk.

Putting feet on the desk is just his measure of the respect for fine furniture and anything else of quality. He is after all the king and can do no wrong.

feet on furniture is a mark of low class.