Ivanka has attracted attention as the Trump most likely to have a significant political future. But don’t sleep on Donald Trump, Jr. Appearing on today’s Morning Joe, Trump, Jr. was impressively thoughtful, articulate, substantive and nuanced, without for one second backing down from making his case forcefully and unapologetically.

For a taste of Trump, Jr., view the video as he unblinkingly attacks the double standard, asserting that any average American who had done what Hillary did with her email would be in jail. And when Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post scoffs at his assertion that African-Americans and Hispanics speak encouragingly to family members, Trump, Jr. politely rebuffs him.

Interesting factoid that emerged at end of interview: Trump, Jr. has five children . . . all with the same wife, who by the way is partly of Jewish heritage. Along with Ivanka that makes two Trump children with a Jewish connection. Which makes those accusing Trump of being a secret anti-Semite look sort of silly.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Your dad, there are so many things to parse through in terms of what he said. He had said if he loses this would be a big waste of time big waste of money. Is that what he really believes?

DONALD TRUMP, JR.: I don’t know: there’s an element, it is a lot of energy that has been put into this, and we want to try to change this, and if a candidate with the other side, with the other track record, that corruption all the things we are reading about, if we elect that person and say hey, that’s all okay, I think it does send a terrible message to our children, I think it sends a terrible message to the political class that, hey, as long as you get to that elite status you can do these things and there’s no accountability.

And that’s so much what this election has been about, it has been about that accountability. And there is a different standard, and regardless of what happens with the email situation, I don’t think anyone watching right now, anyone in this room would ever believe if they did the things that Hillary Clinton did with those emails, if they sent classified documents to their maid to be printed, that people would say: hey, it’s incredibly reckless but it’s okay. We’d all be in jail and everybody knows it. So I think we want to make sure that we shed light: there should not be a double standard for the political class once they achieve a certain level.

. . .

I spent all of my day yesterday in Michigan, I was in New Mexico the other day, Colorado, some of the purple states. We’re spending a lot of time in those places, and I think there could be a lot of upsets in those states, because the sentiment I am getting from people on the ground, and I don’t just mean where people are showing up to hear me speak, I mean at the gas station where no one knows we are going to be there, and they’re coming up and saying you are doing great, keep it up.

I’m seeing that from African-Americans, I’m seeing that from the Hispanic co mmunity, I’m seeing that from women, young and old —

EUGENE ROBINSON: Are you really? Are you really? I mean, because just honestly

TRUMP: 100%, 100%.

ROBINSON: You’re polling 1% among African-Americans.

TRUMP: We’re going to do better than that, I promise you that. That’s the narrative that’s out there, but that’s precisely — and by the way, some of those people will come up to me and say [stage whisper] you guys are doing a really good job, sort of in a whisper. There are the people that are loud and vocal, but there are the people that have been put in this box, saying we are not supposed to for whatever reason, because our party has been owned — it doesn’t work but they have come up to me and they’ve said that, and it’s amazing to see.