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Socialist Organization Now Using College Facilities for Meetings

Socialist Organization Now Using College Facilities for Meetings

Of course…

Isn’t it completely unsurprising that a socialist organization would feel comfortable meeting on an American college campus?

Campus Reform reports:

Marx attacks! Socialists nestle in at Northeastern

Boston’s International Socialist Organization now uses Northeastern University’s facilities to hold its events, including one upcoming day-long workshop on how “inequality is a law of capitalism.”

“In the United States, there are 400 billionaires. They are the reason why there are 47 million poor people,” an event description asserts, contending that “you cannot have obscene, untold wealth unless you have obscene, unimaginable poverty.”

The event, being advertised as New England’s “Marxism Day School,” will apparently discuss an “alternative to this way of organizing society”—namely socialism—noting that Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid placed socialism “at the center of U.S. politics.”

Indeed, the event description praises Sanders’ candidacy as a confirmation of “what people struggling for a living wage and against racism and police brutality have been saying for years: Capitalist [sic] isn’t working for anyone but bankers and billionaires, and to end our suffering we need an alternative.”

Correction: Post title original indicated meetings would be held at Northeastern University’s campus. Campus officials have indicated otherwise, thus the title has been amended.


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