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San Francisco Teachers Union Creates Anti-Trump Lesson Plan

San Francisco Teachers Union Creates Anti-Trump Lesson Plan

Students who support Trump will be asked to explain how he’s not racist.

Try to imagine for a moment, what would happen if public schools in a conservative community were offered a lesson plan in 2008 which was in any way critical of then President Elect Barack Obama. We all know what would have followed, don’t we?

Of course, the reverse of this situation never would have happened because the driving force behind this is a teachers union and we all know which party they support.

Just remember as you read this, that this is a public school system.

FOX News has the story:

San Francisco teachers union offers lesson plan calling Trump racist, sexist

San Francisco’s public schools have been offered a classroom lesson plan that calls President-elect Donald Trump a racist, sexist man who became president “by pandering to a huge racist and sexist base.”

The union that represents city teachers posted the plan on its website and distributed it via an email newsletter to its more than 6,000 members. The school district has more than 57,000 students.

The Republican Party in San Francisco slammed the lesson plan.

“It’s inappropriate on every level,” said Harmeet Dhillon, an RNC committeewoman from California. She called it “inappropriate propaganda that unfairly demonizes not only the campaign that Donald Trump, the winner, ran, but also all of the people who voted for him.”

The plan was written by social studies teacher Fakhra Shah, who said she hadn’t planned for it to spread citywide — that was a step taken by the teacher’s union. She wrote it at 2 a.m. Nov. 9, just hours after results came in, to help teachers at her school struggling with how to answer students’ questions and concerns about Trump becoming president…

San Francisco is diverse, with many students whose families are in the country illegally and who say they’re worried by Trump’s calls for deportation. Shah warned teachers that some students may use inappropriate words to express their fear and anger.

“I know that they might curse and swear, but you would too if you have suffered under the constructs of white supremacy or experienced sexism, or any isms or lack of privilege,” she wrote.

Here’s a video report from KPIX News in San Francisco. When asked, Fakhra Shah says students who support Trump will be safe to speak their minds, adding that they’ll be asked to explain how he’s not racist. Sounds fair, huh?

Times sure have changed, haven’t they? Does everyone remember this?

CBS News 2009:

Elementary School Students Taught Pro-Obama Songs

A video showing elementary school students learning songs praising Barack Obama for his “great accomplishments” and efforts to “make this country’s economy No. 1 again” is generating anger from conservatives today.

In the video at left, students at New Jersey’s B. Bernice Young Elementary School are shown singing about the president, in one case to the tune of “Jesus Loves the Little Children,” according to Fox News.

The video was posted at the conservative Drudge Report and reported by Fox, prompting hundreds of comments from readers such as this one: “These thugs need to be shut down! This is absurde [sic] that this is happening today in our schools. People need to rise up and crush this socializing and indoctrination of our kids.”

No double standard there. Nosiree.

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That union is full of drones/sheeple.

It needs to go / be shut down.

All it cares about is producing more sheeple.

I suppose to be fair if Hilliary had won, they would ask students to explain how she’s not a lying, corrupt, graft loving opportunist.

thalesofmiletus | November 18, 2016 at 9:08 am

Leftist crybullies, always punching down…

“…explain how he’s not racist.”

Sure, prove a negative. Logic is a foreign concept to this idiot teacher.

Leftist “thinking” —
Agree with a leftist, innocent by definition.
All others, guilty by definition.


More proof that unions have outlived their usefulness. That lady should be in the food stamp line because she is a bad teacher.

theduchessofkitty | November 18, 2016 at 11:27 am

Yet another reason to private or homeschool your child…

buckeyeminuteman | November 18, 2016 at 11:40 am

This is the kind of crap that everyday Americans have had enough of which is why they voted for Trump. Additionally, I don’t want anybody named Fakrah Shah anywhere near my children. Or an airplane cockpit.

This has to stop. There must be a movement to purge the schools of the lunatics running them.

First thing is to cut-off federal funding.

“she hadn’t planned for it to spread citywide”, just as roaches hate it when the light is turned on.

Proposition: Any person applying for teaching position in public schools must explain how Andrew Jackson, Democrat Party Founder and Deporter of native Indians; FDR, Champion of the Welfare State and internment of Japanese Americans…isn’t racist.

I can’t believe that this is actually allowed under the California Education Code. There has to be some sort of provision preventing partisan instruction in school classrooms. Any California attorneys out there who wish to comment?