Who has had time to create an entire show made up of anti-Trump art? The election was only three weeks ago.

The Daily Caller reports:

University Cancels Anti-Trump Art Show After It Triggers Minorities

Salem State University (SSU) has shut down an election-themed art exhibit after several pieces critical of President-elect Donald Trump offended minorities.

In an unconventional bid to help students cope with 2016’s tumultuous election, SSU administrators contacted Garry Harley and commissioned several pieces for an art exhibit titled “State of the Union.”

Harley contributed two paintings to the exhibit. In one work, he has an image of six Ku Klux Klan members standing in an empty field in full Klan regalia. In another, he copied imagery from a photo of Nazi soldiers rounding up Polish Jews during the Holocaust.

Harley is anything but a Trump supporter, and says he wanted his pieces to be a provocative take on the danger Trump may pose to the American republic. Instead, his pieces, in particular the KKK painting, angered minority groups at Salem State and the wider community, who claimed they were triggering and offensive.