As you may have noticed, half the country has lost its damned mind.

Case in point, this protester toting a sign advocating for the rape of president-elect Donald Trump’s wife, Melania:

The protest took place at Donald Trump’s new hotel in Washington, D.C. No one in the crowd seems to have objected to the sign.

Images don’t appear photoshopped as they appeared under various Twitter accounts from a variety of angles.

Twitter users across the political spectrum responded, decrying the crass signage. As a result “Rape Melania” began trending on the social media platform.

Callum Borchers for WaPo:

Many Twitter users who saw that “Rape Melania” was trending criticized the technology giant for not removing it from lists of most-discussed subjects. Responding to a Washington Post inquiry, Twitter emphasized that the phrase trended because people denounced it, not because people advocated sexual assault.

Does one protester represent the entirety of the anti-Trump temper tantrum? Of course not. We don’t even know who this person was. Buuuuutttt, if we play, “Imagine if a Republican ________ “, well, you know how that would end.

I am slightly encouraged that backlash against this particular ill-wisher was swift and bipartisan. Slightly.

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