The Sunday Times has reported that Queen Elizabeth has started making plans to invite President-elect Donald Trump to Britain in the summer of 2017:

Plans to roll out the red carpet for Trump with a state visit in the summer of 2017 are being drawn up at the highest levels in Whitehall.

A formal invitation for Trump to make the UK one of his first foreign stops will be issued once he is sworn in as president on January 20.

Discussions between British officials and Trump’s team are expected to begin soon to ensure that a date can be agreed for June or July next year. The Queen will also send an official congratulatory message to the president to mark the inauguration.

Details of the planning were revealed by two ministers and a senior official close to Downing Street. A No 10 source confirmed that Trump would visit in 2017.

The U.K. government considers Queen Elizabeth II “its ‘secret weapon’ to maintain London’s traditionally close ties with Washington. Trump told Prime Minister Theresa May that his Scottish mother loved the queen and asked May “to pass on his best wishes to the monarch.”