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Profs Call Founding Fathers ‘Terrorists,’ Dispute America’s Founding

Profs Call Founding Fathers ‘Terrorists,’ Dispute America’s Founding


This is part of the reason Trump won. Liberal academics don’t know it yet but they’ll find out in time.

People have had it with this garbage.

The College Fix reports:

Professors call Founding Fathers ‘terrorists,’ founding ideals a ‘fabrication’

A humanities course currently taught at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs teaches that the Founding Fathers were hypocrites, terrorists and money-hungry barons who used hyperbole and fear to rile up the colonists to revolt against England.

The “Resistance and Revolution” class is co-taught by history lecturer Jared Benson and sociology instructor Nicholas Lee, who also suggest that it was Mikhail Gorbachev – not Ronald Reagan — who brought down the collapse of the Soviet Union, and that wealthy CEOs deserve to be in a “moral prison,” among many other assertions.

Calling the Founding Fathers “terrorists,” Benson and Lee voice criticism and cynicism against many of the events leading up to the Revolutionary War, teaching students the founding ideals were “merely a fabrication for a social movement” — a means to an end for the colonist elites who were tired of England’s control and needed the gullible masses to help them break free.


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Of all the idjits we have the unpleasant opportunity to deal with, educated idjits are the worst. They tend to be the most incorrigible ~

Sea Wars: Episode V – The Monarchy Strikes Back

I kinda-sorta understand the whole “Founding Fathers were terrorists” point of view, but it leaves out a mountain of the history of the American Revolution.

Yes, the colonies declared their independence on July 4, 1776, prompting a war against the King that the Founders were 100% committed to and willing to win, by violence if necessary (and it was).

But before that, for YEARS AND DECADES before that, they sought redress by peaceful means. They wrote letters to King George III, they petitioned, they sent emissaries and representatives to negotiate, they begged, they pleaded. And all the while they suffered abuse after abuse by Order of the King. Finally, after all attempts had failed and every other means had been exhausted, they declared independence and went to war, even politely — but firmly — informing the King of precisely WHY they were willing to go to war.

Contrast that with real terrorists, who DON’T write letters, DON’T petition, DON’T send ambassadors and peaceful representatives to negotiate, etc. Terrorists go directly to violence. Further, they don’t threaten violence to be left alone (like the Founders); they threaten violence to get YOU to accommodate THEM. It’s part of the fear of violence they promote (“terror”, get it?) to enact political change.

That the Founders did NOT jump directly to violence — that they sought every peaceful means available prior to it — and that they wished merely to be left alone, means that by definition the Founders were NOT “terrorists”. Any claim otherwise results from a highly-skewed and biased interpretation of history.