So it’s now heresy to dispute a word and concept which didn’t exist until a year or two ago? That’s just how the left rolls.

Heat Street reports:

Princeton Librarian: ‘It Is Our Job To Silence’ Those Skeptical of Microaggressions

A librarian at prestigious Princeton University thinks it’s her job to “silence” people who are skeptical of s0-called “microagressions”, according to a personal email reviewed exclusively by Heat Street.

The exchange began with former California State University-Long Beach librarian Cynthia Orozco, who runs a Tumblr about microaggressions in libraries and compiles a whole publication on the topic.

Orozco had given a speech last semester about microaggressions in academic sciences, but it was met with some skepticism from some in the audience, she said in an email to several of her librarian pals who are also in higher education.

Princeton’s Latin American processing archivist, Elvia Arroyo-Ramirez, emailed Orozco back: “FUCK THEM HATERS! trolls gonna troll. It is our job to silence them with the strength of our voices.”