New York University Professor Michael Rectenwald was suspended two weeks ago for a Twitter account he ran which repudiated political correctness. Legal Insurrection readers know that’s a form of heresy on college campuses today.

He has now been reinstated and with a raise in pay. FOX News reports:

NYU brings back professor who blasted PC culture, gives him a raise

Liberal studies professor Michael Rectenwald, the man behind the controversial @DeplorableNYUProf account, has been promoted by prestigious New York University and given a raise days after the university had put him on a paid leave for criticizing politically correct culture on campus.

Michael Rectenwald was promoted from clinical professor to full-time professor on Monday, a source said to the NY Post.

In the initial interview with Heat Street on October 26, Rectenwald was outspoken against the current on-campus culture of social justice warriors and safe spaces. He likened academia to a mad house and claimed that “safe spaces” is an existential error.

“This movement is not going to overthrow homophobia, transphobia, racism, or sexism. In fact, it works the other way and it will constantly cause people to be resentful and probably even foster the very attitude it opposes,” he told Heat Street.

Professor Rectenwald recently spoke with Stuart Varney of the FOX Business Network. This was before he was reinstated but it’s a fascinating conversation.

When Varney asks where this PC culture on campuses came from, Rectenwald suggests that it was born in Women’s Studies and LGBT Studies departments but has permeated through everything.

Here are a few more choice tweets from Rectenwald’s account:

Featured image via YouTube.


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