In one of the more absurd statements of this absurd political season, Michelle Bernard, a guest on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show this morning, said it was “hubris” for Donald Trump to imagine that he was “akin” to American leaders who have been the target of assassination attempts such as Lincoln, MLK, JFK, RFK and Reagan.

How illogical can Bernard be? Whether or not Trump belongs in the political pantheon she described, can she actually believe that he could not possibly be the target of a madman? And what of others she didn’t name who were the object of assassination attempts, such as McKinley, Garfield and Gerald Ford? Would it also have been “hubris” for them to have been concerned?

Reid seconded Bernard’s absurdity, saying that “a lot of Republicans would look at that list and just wince.” We’re wincing all right, but not for the reasons Reid and Bernard have in mind.

Note: Bernard’s comments came in the context of the incident yesterday in which Secret Service agents rushed Trump off the stage at a campaign rally in Reno, Nevada. There is no evidence that Trump was actually the target of an assassination attempt at that time, and no charges were filed against the individual involved.

Note Segundo: Bernard has “evolved” from being a member of the Bush-Cheney Presidential Inaugural Committee and former president of the centrist Independent Women’s Forum to now being an avid Hillary fan. At the beginning of the show, she pulled back her jacket to reveal the “Nasty Women Vote” t-shirt underneath.

MICHELLE BERNARD: Just the hubris, if we think about assassinations in our country and assassination attempts, is Donald Trump telling us that he is somehow akin to Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan? I mean, really.

JOY REID: Yeah. I think even a lot of Republicans would take a look at that list and just wince, because that is what’s happening.