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MD Public Defender’s Trump Email Called “inflammatory” by State Senator

MD Public Defender’s Trump Email Called “inflammatory” by State Senator

“Many of us are still in shock and despair over the [election] results.”

An email by a Maryland public defender distraught over the results of last week’s election is getting more air time than he’d probably like.

Jeff Quinton from the Quinton Report writes:

Over the weekend, MD Public Defender Paul DeWolfe sent an email to all Office of Public Defender (OPD) staff members across the state using state government email servers. DeWolfe insists the email wasn’t “anti-Trump” but one Republican state senator calls it “inflammatory rhetoric.”

In his email, DeWolfe mentioned that, “Many of us are still in shock and despair over the [election] results.”

He then talks about the election of Nixon and Republicans in 1968 that he claims “resulted in the reversal of so many of the progressive reforms brought about by the struggles of the Civil Rights movement.”

After detailing the things that he said Nixon was responsible for rolling back, DeWolfe then said, “Believe it or not, this election seems worse to me than even the election of 1968.”

After saying that it is time to “get angry and fight back”, he discusses Trump policies including stop and frisk, “mass deportation” of illegal immigrants, and issues related to incarceration and policing.

DeWolfe also has a three-point call to action for his staff that involves them joining his volunteer immigration team, joining the fight for bail and pretrial reform, and becoming “active in the fight against the anticipated wave of bigotry and repression against our minority, immigrant and LGBTQ clients.”

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It’s like inflammation; the body politic tells us where the gangrene is, and gives us an opportunity to cut it out.

When you see that he is in Maryland, you understand. MD may have a Republican Governor (temporarily) but it is not called “The People’s Republic of Maryland” for nothing.

If he is in shock and despair, he is implicitly anti-Trump. Do liberals ever actually listen to themselves? Moron.