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A friendly Election Day PSA — exit polls are crap. Ignore the exit polls.

Leave it to Hillary fan girls to keep it classy:

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty jealous of Louisiana’s “I voted” stickers.

I LOVE George Rodrigue (native Louisianan, famed for his “blue dog” paintings):

Im very excited about the new hotness in early voting stickers #nola #followyournola #nolavotes

A photo posted by Hood Hermoine (@colaknows) on


I’m glad someone is on top of serious issues…like the legality of taking pics of ballots!


It’s a sign!

Of what, I’m not sure. But it’s a sign of some sort. Probably.

Democracy is best left to those who educate themselves.

Yes, that sounds elitist. No, I don’t care. I’m right. You know it.


Did these people have mothers? Disagree all you like, but that’s never an excuse to be rude.

Nailed it

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