If Serpent Head is nervous . . . There was an ironic contrast on today’s Morning Joe. On the one hand, Steve Schmidt—former McCain campaign manager turned Trump antagonist—sees no real chance for the Donald. Said Schmidt: “I’ve been in the camp that says it’s been over for some time,” and that “the bill is coming due for the tone and tenor” of Trump’s campaign. Schmidt sees Hillary cruising to a win with 320-340 Electoral College votes.

It was actually James Carville who in contrast said that it’s “not impossible” for Trump to win, and indeed that he’s a “nervous wreck.” Of the swing states, Carville said he feels best about Florida for Hillary. But he added: “I think she has a better chance to carry Arizona than Ohio.” Since all recent indications are that Trump has Arizona comfortably in hand, it sounds like Carville has written off Ohio for Clinton.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Do you think it’s impossible?

JAMES CARVILLE: No! I don’t think it’s impossible. I’m as nervous as — I’m a nervous wreck. I’m always a nervous wreck before an election. I wouldn’t be in politics if — of course I. I do think of the states of North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Iowa, I think she’ll do Florida, be a better state. I am more confident about Florida than anything. And I also think she has a better chance to carry Arizona than Ohio.


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