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Islamist Infiltrates German Spy Agency

Islamist Infiltrates German Spy Agency

Recent convert to Islam had planned terrorist attack on the headquarters of the domestic spy agency in Cologne

German domestic spy agency has caught an Islamist who had managed to infiltrate its ranks. According to the German weekly DER SPIEGEL, the 50-year-old man has partially confessed to the charges of infiltrating the spy agency and collecting information that might have led to a terrorist attack at the Cologne-based headquarters of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency (BfV).

A recent convert to Islam, the man was to communicating with other Radical Muslims on the internet and had offered fellow-Jihadis safe access inside the spy agency’s secure compound to launch an attack on “infidels” for “the cause of Allah”.  According to the agency’s director Hans-Georg Maaßen, the mole had “radicalised himself” without anyone around him noticing anything. That’s another case of mysterious “self-radicalisation” that baffles liberals and mainstream media so much.

What could easily be described as the worst HR move in the history since Emperor Caligula appointed his horse to the Roman senate, the fresh-convert to Islam was hired to monitor Islamist activities inside Germany.

German state-run broadcaster DW News reports:

Germany’s domestic intelligence agency (BfV) has discovered an Islamist working within its own ranks, according to domestic media reports on Tuesday. The case allegedly surrounds a 51-year-old German who planned to bomb the BfV headquarters in Cologne.

Officials say the man was active on extremist websites. Using a pseudonym, he gave away secret information, allegedly gathering information on the times and details of raids against extremists. News outlet “Der Spiegel” wrote that the man’s family was not even aware he had converted to Islam in 2014.

“Die Welt” newspaper reported that he had also boasted about having a plan in place to carry out an attack on his place of work, though according to authorities he did not appear to have yet taken any concrete steps into carrying it out.

He wrote online that such an attack against “unbelievers” would be “for Allah’s purpose.”

Islamic groups have already managed to infiltrate the German Army. An estimated 29 former German Army soldiers have joined the ranks of Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, a military intelligence report revealed earlier this year. Since 2007, German Military Intelligence has investigated 320 active duty soldiers on suspicions of jihadist links. The infiltration of German and other European Armies is part Islamic State’s strategy. Islamic State has been telling potential recruits in Europe to get acquainted with Western military training before coming to Iran and Syria.

This is, however, the first instance that an Islamist has been successful in penetrating deep into Germany’s spy apparatus.

VIDEO: ISIS infiltrates refugees coming to Germany:

[Cover image courtesy CNN, Youtube]


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The black mask and ISIS flag should have given him away, but surprisingly none of the Germans wanted to question him about it due to cultural sensitivity. 😉

You never heard of affirmative action?

They caught one… tip of the iceberg.

Probably recruited him as part of some outreach program.

I know of at least one other Islamic terrorist mole in the German government.

Initials are A.M.
Identifies as Female.
Known associates: Barack Obama.

Apparently the guy has also appeared in gay porn videos. So you would think that seeing as he was doing something hard core muslims tend to frown upon (with the end result being one dead former gay person) that he wouldn’t be that attracted to ISIS (seeing as they would make him a former gay person).

I guess there is no depth of stupidity a person can climb to! 🙂


    The only guaranteed way into Jannah (muslim heaven) for a muslim is martyrdom, according to Islam. Therefore the only sure way to erase previous errant haram (forbidden) acts is through martyrdom. Homosexuality, sex outside marriage, drinking alcohol, eating pork – all can be forgiven. This is why you should be skeptical when the MSM claims that a suicidal attacker attacker could not possibly be a devout muslim since they had a history of haram behaviour, and only recently started growing a beard and attending his mosque regularly. If anything it might explain the martyrdom, not eliminate religion as its cause.

    Anyway, what happened to the claim that unemployment and poverty is the chief cause of terrorism?

I’ve just moved the hands on my Suicide of Europe clock forward a couple of hours toward midnight.