In case you missed it, the liberal media is really upset that the people they have been pissing on for years are pissing back. But it shouldn’t be a surprise.

There are countless stories of liberal media enemies-of-the-week, innocent citizens who make one errant comment or tweet and are the subject of a swarm of media bees. Remember how just recently the liberal media built up Ken Bone, who asked a question at a presidential town hall, because he said he had been for Trump but was considering Hillary after the event?

It was a useful narrative, so Ken Bone became media hero.

But when Bone appeared to go back to Trump support and commented that the Trayvon Martin verdict was correct, the media singled him out and took him down as quickly as they built him up, Ken Bone told the truth about Trayvon Martin, and for that media must destroy him.

Bone is hardly alone. There’s the guy in Rhode Island who recently complained in the local paper about women who wear yoga pants outside the gym. He thought he was being funny, but local feminists with the cooperation and encouragement of a wide range of national and international liberal media made him the New object of hate: Guy who complained about older women in Yoga pants. (Somehow no one noted or cared that he also complained about men in Speedos.)

Or how the media regularly caricatures ordinary non-liberal people as racist and violent, etc. I saw it first hand during the rise of the Tea Party movement, when media would attend a rally with multiple thousands of people and hundreds of signs, but would somehow find the six people and three signs they could use to taint the entire crowd and movement. Some of those people were planted in the crowd by liberals seeking to make the Tea Party look bad.

Or how the liberal media would immediately react to any mass shooting or terror attack with a (failed) attempt to blame the Tea Party, Add Boston Marathon Bombing to pile of Failed Eliminationist Narratives.

Is it any wonder that Americans’ Trust in Mass Media has Sunk to New Low? And that was before Wikileaks emails from the Podesta account provided clear evidence of collusion with Hillary by the supposed top-tier of mainstream media, and a window into their incestuous world.

People are sick and tired of it. That doesn’t mean that every person in the media is guilty of this conduct, but the snobbery, bias and nastiness is so pervasive as to cause pushback from the targets.

And the targets this electoral season are Trump supporters. All multiple tens of millions of whom are smeared as deplorable not just by Hillary, but the liberal media. Those targets have a right to shout back.

But the media doesn’t like being treated the way it treats others.

Of course, there’s a huge difference between yelling back and calling out, and threats of violence. Threats of violence should be condemned, as should shouts that truly are racist or sexist. But the media reaction was not just about threats or racist/sexist taunts, but also about the sort of naming and shaming the media does with reckless abandon.

This week, intense condemnation was launched after Trump called out one reporter in the crowd by name, Donald Trump can’t help himself from imperiling reporters:

Just a week ago, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer changed hats in the middle of an interview with Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway. “You know what worries me — and I’m not objective on this because I’m on the Steering Committee on the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, and I really believe in a free press and I’m sure you do as well — but the working journalists, the embeds who are traveling with them all the time, they go to all these rallies, they’re in this pen, he points to them, he sort of eggs the crowd on to go after them,” said Blitzer. “They’re a lot of young journalists, they’re scared sometimes.”

The same media that is so afraid practically laughs when Trump supporters are taunted and attacked. And went into spin mode to defend Hillary when it turned out that a Democratic operative bragged about stoking violence at Trump rallies by planting people in the crowd to bird-dog.

Ace went on a Twitter rant about the media reaction to being named and shamed. Here’s one of the tweets.

The sequence was Storified by @nowhere_nh:

The liberal media treats people with such contempt, is it any wonder that people shout back at them?