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Infantilized College Campuses Are a Threat to America’s Future

Infantilized College Campuses Are a Threat to America’s Future

“a citizenry incapable of facing adversity”

The behavior we’ve witnessed on college campuses since the election has been entertaining but it’s actually a very serious problem. This essay by Hillsdale College Professor David Whalen is correct.

From the Daily Signal:

How Infantilized Campuses Threaten Our Nation’s Future

What are we to make of higher education when students and institutions respond to the recent presidential election with cry-ins, canceled exams, therapy dogs, Play-Doh, coloring books, group screams, Legos, bubble-blowing, and trauma counseling? Well, college “ain’t what it used to be.”

For some time, higher learning has been a political matter, one where the primary aim is to usher students into the club of elite (supposedly enlightened) progressive opinion. Gone is the formation of keen, analytical habits of mind and rational argument.

The result is not just a poorly educated student body, but an infantilized one. Mature discourse is out, and fragility, dependence, and bad temper is in.

Rather than cultivate habits of sustained and sober thought, we encourage manufactured outrage and self-indulgent victimhood. Anyone who has spent time with 2-year-olds recognizes the behavior. In our case, however, we appear to cultivate it on our campuses.

An infantilized campus is bad enough, but it becomes intolerable when these are the places where leaders of a self-governing republic are usually formed.

Regardless of party or position, a citizenry incapable of facing adversity or unwilling to reason about and discuss difficult, public things will not likely produce leaders who can do so. If college campuses steep our future leaders in habits of entitled fragility, the only politics they will be able to imagine is that of the tantrum.

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Is the picture accompanying this story from Syracuse University?

That looks like the Maxwell Hall building to the Left, and Crouse College building in the background.