Human smugglers are using President-elect Trump’s election victory to drum up business, telling people that they better hurry up and get into the U. S. before Trump takes office and puts a stop to illegal immigration.  Combined with individual and family decisions to sneak across the border into our country, this sales pitch has led to a massive influx of illegal aliens flooding across our southern border.

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Along the route through Mexico, no one was really sure how to say Trump’s name. Smugglers called him “El Malo” (the bad one) or “El Feo” (the ugly one) and told the migrants they had better hurry north before his wall went up.

. . . . By winning the election, Trump may have inadvertently made his job even harder. His plans have become a selling point for the smugglers urging people to cross the border before a wall goes up, according to migrants and officials in the United States and Mexico. Others were hoping Clinton would win and offer them some form of blanket amnesty, according to Border Patrol agents.

So many families have arrived in recent weeks that U.S. authorities announced last weekend that they are sending 150 agents to shore up this portion of border in the Rio Grande Valley.

Border control agents who’ve been angry and frustrated by Obama’s “catch and release” program are looking forward to the day that they can finally do their job.

The Orlando Sentinel continues:

Many Border Patrol agents resent what they see as a “catch-and-release” approach to the flood of Central Americans. To them, Trump’s win has delivered the morale-boosting equivalent of a Red Bull.

“We’re going to be able to do our jobs again,” said Chris Cabrera, a Border Patrol agent and a spokesman for their union, which endorsed Trump for president.

“We’ve turned into a detention agency,” he said. “We’re not out there enforcing. We’re doing jailer work and sometimes babysitting.”

. . . . [According to illegal aliens who entered the country and were detained,]  The U.S. agents who took them into custody said [Trump] would be president, and it was a new day at the border.

“They said it to the whole group: We would all be deported because Trump won,” said Octavio de Leon, 43, a Guatemalan who was detained with his son while crossing into Texas right after the election.

President-elect Donald Trump has promised major change to the U.S. immigration system at a time when Central American families are flowing into the United States in growing numbers, many fleeing warlike conditions and poverty back home. U.S. Border Patrol has captured more migrants over the past three months than during the same period in each of the past five years.

Reports are also coming in that Middle Eastern men have been caught in the flood of South and Central American people illegally crossing our border.

Watch the report:

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