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Huckabee: No, I have not been appointed Ambassador to Israel

Huckabee: No, I have not been appointed Ambassador to Israel


There was tons of speculation today that Mike Huckabee had been offered the position of Ambassador to Israel.

It was stoked when The Daily Mail ran the story:

That struck me as unlikely, because the position of Ambassador normally would be announced later in the process. It’s not cabinet level, and not even a senior administrative position (though it is a very important position).

It just didn’t smell right, so we didn’t run it, even though the rest of the world did.

Nonetheless, we can’t expect a completely conventional process from Trump — he wasn’t conventional in the campaign. So I watched and waited.

Huckabee is so pro-Israel, that it had many Israel supporters cheering even the possibility. Huckabee as Ambassador would have been a huge signal that Trump planned to follow up on the promise to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and recognize it as Israel’s capital.

And it had anti-Israel activists, like Rebecca Vilkomerson of Jewish Voice for Peace (which isn’t Jewish, and isn’t for peace) besides themselves. Maybe it’s wrong of me, but I took great joy.

Max Blumenthal fired up his hate engine:

I was looking for much more of this pure joy, but that came to an end when Huckabee tweeted that the rumors were not true:

Huckabee appeared on The O’Reilly Factor, guest hosted by Eric Bolling, and denied having any conversations about becoming Ambassador to Israel. He did say he had conversations about cabinet-level positions, but would not reveal which ones.

So, no Ambassador to Israel Huckabee.



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Maybe better?
Huckabee for SoS?

This would be a fantastic position for him.

Another would be Sec. Of the Treasury. Huckabee has been a staunch supporter of the Fairtax proposal for a decade. I can see him going in and burning the regulatory structure of the IRS to the ground.

He would be good as UN Ambassador.

    No. Huckabee would be wasted at the UN. It’s a ceremonial position without any real power to do anything, unless that person will be empowered to go root out corruption via a “do what is required” mentality. You want someone like Bolton, who can be the firebrand as well as taking the opposing party into the back room and showing the spy-footage of them accepting the million-dollar kickback for UN aid moving into an area, and then extracting a policy change for not making it public to the home-country’s populace.

    Huckabee won’t do that. He is temperamentally not suited for that type of work.

      Disagree. It’s a Cabinet level position and his amicable manner and common sense, straightforward, approach could be an asset diplomatically. That does not mean he’s not tough, either. He a good representative of projects Americanism. Acting in the Security Council is not ceremonial either.

Trump should name Huckabee director of a new federal agency, the Department Of Religion, just to watch liberal heads explode.

It would be an absolute shame for Trump to waste the talents of either Bolton or Hucksbee !! ABJ