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Group Hacks Computers in an Indiana County

Group Hacks Computers in an Indiana County

Votes not affected thankfully.

An unknown group hacked into Madison County in Indiana and demanded a ransom. Commissioner John Richwine said the hack did not “affect the county’s voting records and ballots because they are housed on a separate system.” From The Journal Gazette:

Madison County commissioners say they’ll pay a ransom to an unknown group that hacked its computer system.

Madison County Commissioner John Richwine told the (Anderson) Herald Bulletin that the county is following the advice of its insurance carrier.

The attack has left police, fire and other government staff locked out of their computers.

Richwine didn’t give an amount of the ransom, but he said it was less than many residents would anticipate.

He said no records have been lost but officials “can’t access the data.”

Richwine said the county northeast of Indianapolis was preparing to upgrade anti-virus software when the attack occurred.

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Now, I know the government knows what backups are. (They’re the complete defense against this sort of attack, that’s what they are.)

They’re just pretending that they don’t know.

So why this little bit of theatrics? And why today? What records are inaccessible? The census? Registrations? The ballots are on a different system, just as one would expect. That doesn’t mean the vote isn’t compromised.

Obviously I suspect treason and malfeasance everywhere. When dealing with the Democratic Party apparatus, any wise man should be.