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Female Harvard Student Starts Conservative Women’s Group

Female Harvard Student Starts Conservative Women’s Group

“I was bombarded with liberalism, and I didn’t know how to stand up against it.”

Is the tide finally turning? It will be fascinating to see how the Harvard community responds to this young woman’s endeavors.

The College Fix reports:

Student at Harvard fights liberal bias by launching conservative women’s group

What is it like being a conservative at Harvard?

“Difficult,” said government major Emily Hall.

Many of her professors have displayed overt liberal biases in the classroom, and often her fellow students are not willing to engage in meaningful debate, Hall said.

“A recent survey revealed that more undergraduates identify as socialist than as conservative,” she told The Fix, adding one of the institution’s nicknames is even “Kremlin on the Charles.”

Bias at Harvard can come in many forms, according to Hall, who notes it was something of a culture shock, having attended a Catholic school for 14 years, interacting with peers who agreed with her and never really having her beliefs challenged. She adds:

All that changed when I started my freshman year. Many of the people that I met were disgusted with conservatism, had misconceptions of what I, as a conservative, might believe, or simply didn’t think that a college-age woman might disagree with modern feminism and liberalism. I quickly learned that here, I would need to be able to defend every last concept of my long-held belief system.

The denigration of conservatism extended from other students to my courses, from the hub of on-campus volunteering to the Christmas—no, holiday—decorations in the dining hall, which during my sophomore year included a placemat guide to discussing politics with potentially backward and conservative family at home. I was bombarded with liberalism, and I didn’t know how to stand up against it.


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GOOD FOR HER! I love to read about courageous people who love truth and want to do the right thing, regardless of the cost. It’s women (and men) like this that makes America great.